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Russian dancers from San Francisco, California

Russian dancers from San Francisco, CA | photos | video
Artistry that leaves you breathless.
Wall Monasquan Reporter, NJ

Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!
Portland Art Museum, OR

Russian dancers from San Francisco, California under the artistic direction of Natalia Borisova is available for Arts in Education Programs, Concerts, Corporate Events, Convention Promotion, Media Appearances, private parties, special events, theme engagements, Weddings, etc.


To get the price quote, ask any questions please send an email to or call (201) 981-2497.

For professional Russian music and dance as the highlight of an event entertainment schedule, The Russian Collection Dance Ensemble provides a selection of thrilling and colorful Russian folk dancing, enchanting Russian folk music, and Russian magical illusions.

The Russian Collection The Russian Collection Dance Ensemble has been performing arts-in-education presentations throughout the United States for over eight years through private sponsorship, the California Arts Councils Touring Artist roster and with the Young Audiences of America.

The Russian Collection has been in existence since 1945 and has performed in Europe, Asia, North and South America. Thousands of elementary, junior high and high school students have been entertained and inspired by the exciting virtuosity of The Russian Collection and their diverse and dynamic programming.

The Russian Collection Boasting former directors and soloists from prestigious national ensembles such as Moiseyev, Georgian State Dance Ensemble, State Academic Ensemble of Belarus, Romen Gypsy Theater of Moscow, Dan Cossacks and others, the company presents an authentic contemporary expression of traditional styling, mingled with folklore, fairytale and historical embroidering. The program is designed with geography, history and language arts to become a genuine treat for those interested in understanding Russias rich cultural heritage through superb music, dance and theatrical presentation.

The Russian Collection The Russian Collection is an ensemble of renowned dancers, musicians and singers hailing from such illustrious companies as Moiseyev, Beryozka, Don Cossacks, Romen Gypsy Theater of Moscow and the Georgian State Dance Company. The Russian Collection presents authentic Russian music and dance with original and traditional choreography and compositions. Women in the lyrical round dance wear museum-quality jeweled sarafan costumes while men sport pyrotechnic leaps and turns in the Georgian and Ukrainian competition dances. Appealing to audiences of all ages, the Russian Collection blends folklore, fairytales and exceptional artistry to translate authentic Russian culture to the American stage.

Natalia Borisova Natalia Borisova is the director of Ballet Russe of San Francisco, and the Russian Collection and is internationally recognized as a teacher, choreographer and director of Russian character dance and classical ballet. Of Russian heritage, Ms. Borisova trained with the original members of the legendary Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo and with the Don Cossack troupe. Ms. Borisova immigrated as a refugee to the US where she taught character dance according to the syllabus of the Russian Choreographic Academy with the San Francisco Ballet School and University of San Francisco, and conducted the first USSR Seminar in Dance for Kirov, Bolshoi and Moiseyev dance companies. She was choreographer and co-producer for The Party, a Samuel Goldwyn Studios film, consultant to production of Massine on Massine with California State University, assistant to Maestro Massine for revival of Snow Maiden for Oakland Ballet and producer of The Russian Collection concerts since 1989. In addition to performing in national tours with Young Audiences of America and national leading arts presenters, Ms. Borisova is a Russian language interpreter (her brother served as President Clinton's Russian translator) and a traditional costume designer, owning the largest collection of authentic Russian folk costumes in North America.

Vladimir Riazantsev Vladimir Riazantsev is an Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, the most prestigious award conferred on artists in Russia. He trained in traditional music at Lipitzk College and danced with the prestigious Moiseyev Dance Company, touring as a soloist with them until immigrating to the US in 1991. Vladimir choreographed for the Russian ensemble Evoushka in Tambov and is celebrated for his authenticity and creative innovations in staging Russian character dance productions around the world. He served as Artistic Director for the Neva Russian Dance Ensemble, and recently completed a six-year run of his choreography with the Yakov Smirnov Show featuring 18 dancers from Russia in an award-winning production of traditional music and dance. Vladimir is an expert bayan (accordion) instrumentalist and combines playing bayan while performing Russian dance pyrotechnics. Known for his exceptional comedic work in dance theater, he is world renown for the Siberian Nanaika wrestling dance and the Uzbeki platter dance, and was commissioned for a command performance for the King of Morocco.
Master Classes

Russian educational presentations Master classes are held for more advanced groups with prior experience in dance. The Artistic Director and an assistant conduct the 2-hour session teaching technique, choreography and historical background.


45-minute educational presentations featuring music and dance of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Tajikistan and Romen Gypsy. Various programs include: Celebration of Russia, Russian Winterfest, Maslyanitsa (Mardi Gras), Robes of An Empire and Prazdniki! Students learn language, customs, musical instruments and dance technique in an entertaining historical context.


"This group not only gave the best performance of the night (we still have people commenting about the "amazing Russian dancers,") but they were able to work with what our idea of what type of show we wanted and helped us organize it in a way that worked for everyone involved. The costumes were amazing, the dancing was, literally, jaw-dropping, and the only thing I could say was "this is awesome" throughout the show.

Marie Kerr, Executive Administrator, Duncan-Channon (advertising), SF,
Corporate holiday event Nov. 21, 2008

"If someone asked me to describe the fantastic performances your group delivered for my birthday party on September 20, 2008, it would include words like: fantastic, dynamic, unbelievable, incredible. My friends won't stop talking about the amazing Russian entertainment. ..Thank you for making this evening a night to remember."
Jack A. McLeod, Chairman, Nevada McLeod Group
Party, 160 national guests, Westin St. Francis Hotel, SF (32nd Floor reserved)
Headline entertainers included The Letterman and The Russian Collection


A residency consists of an extended period from three days to two weeks at the same school. Core classes, workshops, teacher in-service sessions, family night, and student assemblies may be included. The residency is co-designed with the individual school.


Workshops are conducted by two professional members of The Russian Collection and usually last 2-3 hours. A specific theme is chosen or an overview on Russian music and dance.

The Russian Collection The Russian Collection The Russian Collection The Russian Collection The Russian Collection The Russian Collection The Russian Collection The Russian Collection


To get the price quote, ask any questions please send an email to or call (201) 981-2497.


Cossack Dancers
  Cossack Dancers troupe is available in New York, New Jersey, PA, CT, VT, and Nationwide.

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  Rostov Don Cossacks - Rostov Don Cossack State Academic song and dance ensemble from Rostov-Na-Donu, Russia. Program of traditional Cossack dancing, music and songs.

  Ensemble "Barynya" from New York - traditional Russian dance and music show. Barynya is a unique group of top soloists: musicians, singers and dancers who were trained and performed with world-known companies such as Don Cossacks of Rostov, Andreev State symphonic balalaika orchestra, Moscow State center of "Russian Song". Artistic Director Mikhail Smirnov.


VIA ROMEN - traditional Romany Gypsy Roma Romani music and dance ensemble. Artistic Director Vadim Kolpakov.

  "Canary" from Los Angeles, California - Russian, Moldovan, Ukrainian, Gypsy and Jewish traditional dance company. Artistic Director Youri Nelzine.

New York Russian dance trio
  New York Russian dance trio - Cossacks, Ukrainian and Russian Gypsy dances, music and songs. Different set of costumes for each dance.

  "Revival" dancers from Toronto, Canada. The group is available in Canada and the United States of America to provide traditional Russian dance show for performing art centers, corporate events, parties, weddings. Artistic Director Ekaterina Kornienkova.

Danchenko duo
  DANCHENKO DUO from Brooklyn, New York - famous Gypsy violin duo Nina and Isaac Danchenko.

Russian Dance Quartet
  "Russian Dance Quartet" from Brooklyn, New York presents traditional dance and music program. Show was designed for smaller budget venues with limites space for dancing. 3 dancers, 1 musician perform Russian, Cossack, Ukrainian, Siberian folk dances, songs and music. Choreographer Valentina Kvasova.

Russian Collection
  "The Russian Collection" from San Francisco, California - thrilling and colorful Russian folk dancing, enchanting Russian folk music, and Russian magical illusions. Group was founded in 1945 and has performed in Europe, Asia, North and South America. Artistic Director Natalia Borisova.

Ukrainian Cossack dancers of New York
  Ukrainian Cossack dancers of New York founded in New York City by Ukrainian choreographer, teacher and dancer Andrij Cybyk in 2007.

  "Kalinka" dancers from Baltimore, Maryland perform in beautifully detailed costumes and accompanied by a full orchestra, Russian Folk Instruments quartet/trio or pre-recorded music. Artistic Director Ekaterina (Katya) Denisova.

Cossack Spirit
  "Cossack Spirit" from New York founded by dancer and singer Valentina Kvasova, singer Victoria Pichurova and Russian button accordion virtuoso Victor Danilochkin in 2007. Ensemble performs Cossack folk music, songs and dances. All members of the group are highly trained in former USSR performers.

  Tryn-Trava - Russian Folk group from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

  Tsygane - Russian Gypsy Roma dance, music, and song ensemble from New York City.

Ukrainian National Children Chorus "Pearls of Odessa" from Odessa, Ukraine
"Pearls of Odessa" - children Chorus from Odessa, Ukraine.

Russian dance and music duo
  Russian folk dance and music duo from New York performs in traditional costumes. Program of Russian, Cossack, Ukrainian and Tsygansky folk songs, music and dances. Affordable prices. Duo is available for Arts in education programs.

Russian song ensemble SVETOCH
  SVETOCH - Russian song ensemble from Eastern Siberia.

Balalaika Dance Trio
  "Balalaika Dance Trio" from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Russian Cossack dance, balalaika and garmoshka music show directed by balalaika virtuoso Alex Siniavski.

  Zabava from Saratov, Russia - Russian folk music and dance ethnographic group.

Cossack folk song and dance trio from Brooklyn, New York
  Brooklyn Cossacks - folk song and dance trio from Brooklyn, New York.

Russian Brides
  Russian Brides - Cossack song and dance duo from Brooklyn, New York.

Art of Dance Academy, artistic director Arkady Tsirlin
  "Art of Dance Academy" from Cleveland, Ohio - Artistic Director Arkady Tsirlin. Ukrainian, Russian, Polish folk dancers.

Russian dancers from Houston, TX, Director Oksana Chernyuk
  Russian dancers from Houston, Texas - Artistic Director Oksana Chernyuk. Program of Russian, Ukrainian, Moldavian, Gypsy, Spanish, Flamenko, Tango, Cuban, French, Cowboy, Irish, and Tango. video

Matryoshki Russian dancers from Eugene, Oregon
  Matryoshki - Russian folk dancers from Eugene, Oregon.

Stanislav Issaev
  Stanislav Issaev (Russian: ) - ballet dancer, teacher, choreographer.

Vitaly Verterich
  Russian ballet dancers for hire in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and other states.

Yuri Vodolaga
  Yuri Vodolaga - ballet dance instructor from New York City.

Vladimir Riazantsev
  Vladimir Riazantsev - choreographer, dance instructor from San Francisco, CA.

Vladimir Abramenko
  Vladimir Abramenko - choreographer and dance instructor from Jacksonville, Florida.

Vitaly Verterich
  Vitaly Verterich - dancer and choreographer from New York.

Valentina Kvasova
  Valentina Kvasova - choreographer and dancer from New York.

Youri Nelzine
  Youri Nelzine - choreographer from Los Angeles, California.

Andrei Ivanov
  Andrei Ivanov - choreographer, dance director from New York.

Andrei Kisselev
  Andrei Kisselev - dancer and choreographer from Queens, New York.

Andrij Cybyk
  Andrij Cybyk - dancer, teacher, choreographer from Queens, New York.

Stefan Kuziw
  Stefan Kuziw - dancer and choreographer from Toronto, Canada.

Roman Lewkowicz
  Roman Lewkowicz - choreographer and dancer from Queens, NY.

Alexander Rudoy
  Alexander Rudoy - dancer, dance instructor, choreographer from Brooklyn, NY.

Alex Sizov
  Alex Sizov - choreographer from Brooklyn, NY.

Gabriel Yakubov
  Grisha - Russian Gypsy Roma dancer from New York.

Aleksey Klyuchnikov
  Aleksey Klyuchnikov - Russian dancer from Staten Island, New York.

Aliaksandr Anatska
  Aliaksandr Anatska - dancer from Brooklyn, New York.

Anna Brovkina
  Anna Brovkina - dancer from Voronezh, Russia.

Olga Chpitalnaia
  Olga Chpitalnaia - dancer from Brooklyn, New York.

Natalia Ejova
  Natalia Ejova - dancer from Queens, New York.

Ilia Streltsov
  Ilia Streltsov - dancer from New York, NY.

Lev Iwashko
  Lev Iwashko - dancer from Baltimore, MD.

Ganna Makarova
  Ganna Makarova - dancer from Brooklyn, New York.

Alexey Maltsev
  Alexey Maltsev - dancer from Staten Island, New York.

Natia Rtveliashvili
  Natia Rtveliashvili - dancer from New York.

Mikhail Nesterenko
  Mikhail Nesterenko -dancer from Brooklyn, New York.

Ilia Pankratov
  Ilia Pankratov - dancer from New York City.

Petr Tikhonov
  Petr Tikhonov -dancer from Brooklyn, New York.

Danila Sherstobitov
  Danila Sherstobitov - dancer from Brooklyn, New York.

Vasiliy Myshletsov
  Vasiliy Myshletsov - dancer from Brooklyn, New York.

Olga Verterich
  Olga Verterich - dancer from Brooklyn, NY.

Yaroslaw Dobriansky
  Yaroslaw Dobriansky - Ukrainian folk dancer from New York.

Ksenya Hentisz
  Ksenya Hentisz - Ukrainian folk dancer from New York.

Russian dancer Daria
  Daria - Russian dancer for hire. video

New York City best video and photo package deal - $950!
$550 wedding videography, $550 photo, $950 photo & video package.
Weddings, private and corporate events in New York City, NJ, CT, PA.
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To get the price quote, ask any questions please send an email to or call (201) 981-2497.


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