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Ukrainian dancer Stefan Kuziw


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The following two videos are professional group MAK from Toronto. It is Stefan Kuziw's choreography and he does tricks in all of these dances.

Mak Hopak (Ukrainian Dance)

Stefan Kuziw auditioning for Virsky for New York 2004 concert

Stefan Kuziw with Virsky - "Povzunky" - 17 seconds into the video

Stefan Kuziw with Virsky - "Zakladka" 8 seconds into the video

Stefan Kuziw with Barynya

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Stefan Kuziw

Stefan Kuziw

Stefan Kuziw
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Stefan Kuziw

Stefan Kuziw
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dancer Stefan Kuziw

dancer Stefan Kuziw

Ukrainian dancer Stefan Kuziw dance resume

Member of Vesnianka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble (2008)
Founder, Dancer and Director of MAK Dancers, Toronto (2008)
Barynya (2005 until present)
Dancer and Director of Vatra Dance Ensemble or Brampton (1998-2008)
Dancer of Desna Ukrainian Dance Company of Toronto (1990-2002)
Dancer and Artistic Director of Yavir Ukrainian Dance Ensemble (1993-1998)
Founder, Dancer and Director of Cabaret Troupe UDS (Ukrainian Dance Soloists) (1996-2004)
Dance Teacher at St. Elias Heritage School (1998-2008)
Dance teacher at Yavir school of Dance (1993-1998)
Rehearsed and performed with Virsky Ukrainian Dance Company in Ukraine (summer 2000, and again on tour in 2004)
Toured with Virsky Stars of Toronto (formerly from the Virsky Ukrainian Dance Company) (summer 2001)
Attended numerous workshops under the direction of acclaimed ballet masters and mistresses
Performed across North America and Ukraine for past 15 years
Organized shows for up to 90 min in duration for numerous functions

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Stefan Kuziw - Ukrainian National Dance "Hopak" video

Dancers Andrij Cybyk, Lew Iwashko and Stefan Kuziw performed in November 2005 in Hong Kong at big corporate party. The stage was a bit small for three dancers but guys managed to get everybody to go completely crazy about their Ukrainian Cossack style dancing...

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Troika Festival, Erie, Pennsylvania. Memorial Day-2011.

Stefan Kuziw, Barynya, Erie, Pennsylvania, Troika Festival, Church of the Nativity
Stefan Kuziw. View all photos and videos from TROIKA Festival organized by the Church of the Nativity in Erie, PA.

Morristown, New Jersey, February 22, 2009 - video

Slavic Festival in Eugene, Oregon, February 2009

Mikhail Smirnov, Lev Zabeginsky, Valentina Kvasova, Natalia Ejova, Ksenya Hentisz, Stefan Kuziw, Mikhail Nesterenko, Danila Sherstobitov, and Alexey Maltsev performed three shows during the Fourth Annual Slavic Festival in Eugene, Oregon. Festival was sponsored by Slavic Home. On the photo below ensemble Barynya is performing Daniel Cooper dance.

Ensemble Barynya performs the dance of Russian Nobility "Danila Cooper" during Slavic Festival in Eugene, Oregon. February 2009.
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Barynya in Toronto, Canada, December 13, 2007.

Barynya in Toronto, Canada, December 2007
On December 13, 2007 at 8pm Russian dance and music ensemble Barynya performed at the "Guvernment" (Kool Haus Entertainment Complex), 132 Queens Quay East, Toronto, Ontario M5A 3Y5 Canada... view more pictures

Slavic Cultural Festival Sept 29, 2007 McLean, VA

Ensemble Barynya September 29, 2007 McLean, VA
view photos provided by K.P. Vereshchaka

Stefan Kuziw, Mikhail Smirnov, Victoria Pichurova, Valentina Kvasova, Olga Chpitalnaia, Natalia Ejova, Mikhail Nesterenko, and Roman Lewkowicz photos from Slavic Cultural Festival that took place on September 29, 2007 at the McLean Community Center, 1234 Ingleside Ave., McLean, VA. Ensemble Barynya shared the stage with the Kazak Family Trio of Belarus, the Bandura Tells of Ukraine, and local organization, the Washington Balalaikas Society Orchestra.

July, 2007. Performance series in Ohio communities

view photos from Ensemble Barynya Ohio Summer Tour 2007

Ensemble Barynya was touring the state of OHIO as part of the Ohio Arts Councilís Summer International Music and Performing Arts in Communities Tour (IMPACT). Barynya performed many shows, Russian & Ukrainian dance workshops from July 17 to July 28, 2007. Performance locations included Lakeside, Warren, Marietta, Jackson and Grandview Heights. All performances were free and open to the public.

Barynya in Ohio 2007 tour DVD
Barynya in Ohio 2007 tour DVD

Performers: Mikhail Smirnov - vocal, garmoshka, guitar, Alex Siniavski - balalaika, Gypsy guitar, Andrij Cybyk - dancer, choreographer, Valentina Kvasova - dance captain, dancer, Leonid Bruk - balalaika contrabass, Alexander Menshikov - singer, tambourine, Victoria Pichurova - singer, Natalia Ejova - dancer, Natia Rtveliashvili - dancer, Stefan Kuziw - dancer, Alex Sizov - dancer... view videos, order full lenght DVD of this concert.

Ukrainian dancer Stefan Kuziw photo

Ukrainian dancer Stefan Kuziw

He was a leading dancer-soloist in the Desna Ukrainian Dance Company for more than 10 years, a dancer-soloist and assistant director of the Yavir School of Ukrainian Dance for five years, and has participated in the Verkhovyna Ukrainian Dance Workshops conducted by the late Master Teacher and choreographer Roma Pryma Bohachevska.

Sailor's Dance

Ganna Makarova, Stefan Kuziw, Natalia Ejova
Stefan with Barynya dancers Ganna Makarova and Natalia Ejova

Mr. Kuziw had the honour of performing with the Virsky Stars during their 2001 tour and perhaps at the highlight of his dance career he rehearsed and performed with the Virsky Ukrainian National Dance Company in Kyiv, Ukraine. The Virsky influence and distinct character is recognizable in Vatraís choreography.

Stefan Kuziw is Artistic Director of Vatra Ukrainian Folk Dance Ensemble in Brampton, Ontario.

In 2007 Stefan was invited by his friend Andrij Cybyk to perform with New York based ensemble Barynya for a OHIO 2007 summer tour.


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