Lessons on DVD Learn to play the balalaika with acclaimed virtuoso Alex Siniavski


9.   ROLLS
Alex Siniavski. Author of Balalaika tutorial on DVD

THE BALALAIKA TUTORIAL ON DVD is the easiest way to learn all balalaika technics. This well composed tutorial is an interesting source of knowledge for those who just starting to learn how to play the balalaika and for those who already have some experience. No balalaika secrets were left behind on this great video lesson. You will see it all with your own eyes and learn from the best in the world.

The author of THE BALALAIKA TUTORIAL DVD is acclaimed balalaika virtuoso Alex Siniavski who arrived in the United States in 1992 from St.Petersburg, Russia. Alex was a leading member (balalaika prima) of The Andreev State symphonic balalaika orchestra, the most prestigious in the former USSR and Russia. Mr. Siniavski graduated with honors from the Leningrad State Musical Conservatory.


Alex Siniavski has made it possible for everyone to have private lessons in their own home with his wonderful "12-step program" for balalaika players, and potentially achieve intermediate (or, perhaps, virtuoso ?) level...
...Has your balalaika technique become unmanageable? Alex's DVD, The Balalaika Tutorial, with its extremely useful downward camera angle... .imagine looking down from your own eyes to your right hand.. .can repair all the damage that years of playing without a virtuoso teacher have done. Using mainly Svyetit Mesyats (Bright Moon), Alex walks you through strumming, thumb pizzicato, pizzicato vibrato, double and single pizzicato, tremolo, rolls, combinations of techniques, tips for the left hand and learning tunes, and some fantastic cross-string scale and chord scale exercises...
Read full Article by Judy Sherman from the BDAA newsletter, The official journal of the Balalaika and Domra Association of America.

I just wanted to say how I have apprecated your DVD. It has answered questions I have had for many years. Basically, I have been learning from a book (Ilyukhin, samouchitel igry na balalaike) and from listening to recordings. Although I had "mastered" a basic technique for strumming and for tremolo, I really had no idea about pizzicato, especially single pizzicato. So, I am very grateful, and there is a lot of material for me to work on for a long time...
S nailuchshem pozhelaniyem,
Robin Westenra
Saturday, April 29, 2006


To order BALALAIKA TUTORIAL ON DVD by Alex Siniavski please use PayPal link on the left. The price is $70 US dollars including first class shipping. Usually shipped within two business days.
12 balalaika video lessons by Alex Siniavski. Screenshot of DVD's introduction. 12 balalaika lessons on DVD. Learn to play the balalaika with virtuoso Alex Siniavski


Balalaika Tutorial on DVD by Alex Siniavski. Lesson 1. Strumming
lesson 1
Balalaika Tutorial on DVD by Alex Siniavski. Lesson 2. THUMB PIZZICATO
lesson 2
Balalaika Tutorial on DVD by Alex Siniavski. Lesson 3. PIZZICATO VIBRATO, THUMB VIBRATO, HARMONICS
lesson 3
Balalaika Tutorial on DVD by Alex Siniavski. Lesson 4. DOUBLE PIZZICATO
lesson 4
Balalaika Tutorial on DVD by Alex Siniavski. Lesson 5. SINGLE PIZZICATO
lesson 5
Balalaika Tutorial on DVD by Alex Siniavski. Lesson 6. TREMOLO
lesson 6
Balalaika Tutorial on DVD by Alex Siniavski. Lesson 7. Rolls
lesson 7
Balalaika Tutorial on DVD by Alex Siniavski. Lesson 8. Country Folk Balalaika
lesson 8
Balalaika Tutorial on DVD by Alex Siniavski. Lesson 9. Left Hand position
lesson 9
Balalaika Tutorial on DVD by Alex Siniavski. Lesson 10. LEARNING A SONG
lesson 10
Balalaika Tutorial on DVD by Alex Siniavski. Lesson 11. SCALES
lesson 11
Balalaika Tutorial on DVD by Alex Siniavski. Lesson 12. BASIC CHORDS
lesson 12

The Balalaika Tutorial online

Famous Russian balalaika virtuoso Alex Siniavski have released an online version of his best selling The Balalaika Tutorial DVD. You can get it at his website Below you can see two samples - short intro into the course, and lesson 6 - tremolo.

Balalaika Lessons Tutorial DVD Intro

Watch this video on YouTube

Balalaika Lesson 6 - Tremolo

Watch this video on YouTube

The full list of Balalaika Lessons

1. Introduction 2. Tuning 3. Strumming 4. Thumb Pizzicato 5. Pizzicato Vibrato 6. Double Pizzicato 7. Single Pizzicato 8. Tremolo 9. The Rolls 10. Left Hand Position 11. Learning a Song 12. Scales 13. Basic Chords 14. The Folk Balalaika

Free sample from The Balalaika Tutorial online

Peddlers "Коробейники"

Watch this video on YouTube

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Balalaika lesson 2 - Tuning
Balalaika lesson 3 - Strumming
Balalaika lesson 6 - Double Pizzicato
Balalaika lesson 8 - Tremolo


bass balalaika
bass balalaika for sale
in New York
prima balalaika
prima balalaika for sale
in New York
balalaika secunda
balalaika secunda for sale
in New York

Handmade balalaika

balalayka Balalaika ("Belly Scratcher") made by craftsmen from Moscow Aleksandr Zhukovski: "I make musical instruments since 1990. Design and shape of my instruments are based on archeologycal discoveries from Velikiy Novgorod and museum samples. I started to make instruments for myself at first. After a while I started getting orders for different pieces from musicians and folk groups in Russia and overboard. I also teach classes on Russian traditional folk instrumental music. Russian folk ensembles "Kazachiy Krug", "Drevo", "Yakhont Lazorevy", "Vetka", one of groups of D. Pokrovski (theatre on Taganka) are using guslis, liras and gudoks made by me"... read more

Almost new balalaika prima made by Ershov - sold

balalaika for sale Concert quality Balalaika made by famous Russian balalaika luthier Ershov in Moscow in 1989 is available for sale in Toronto, Canada for a bargain price of 750.00 Canadian Dollars or even exchange for 4-srtinged domra. Condition: like new. Instrument is fully serviced by professional balalaika maker Andreas Gerth from Berlin, Germany in 2006 - new tuners installed. Black ebony fingerboard. Pickguard and head dark-brown palisander. Clear and deep sound... read more

Balalaika cats dressed in Russian folk costumes

Russian folk costume designer Svetlana Gavrilova has made a set of black cats dressed in Russian costumes with balalaikas. To view all photos you may need to join the Balalaika Group on Google Network.

Svetlana Gavrilova: Balalaika cats dressed in Russian folk costumes
to view all cats with balalaikas dressed in Russian folk costumes

Balalaika players, soloists and ensembles

Balalaika virtuoso Alex Siniavski from Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania
  Balalaika virtuoso Alex Siniavski from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

New York Balalaika Orchestra
  New York Balalaika Orchestra performs at Russian Orthodox weddings, fundraising balls, large scale social events, Doctor Zhivago style corporate parties.

Russian Balalaika Duo
  Russian Balalaika Duo Alex Siniavski and Mikhail Smirnov with program of Russian, Ukrainian, Gypsy, Cossack music and songs performed on balalaika, garmoshka and guitars.

Chicago Cossacks
  Chicago Cossacks - Russian music and song ensemble from Illinois.

Brooklyn Balalaikas
  Brooklyn Balalaikas - Russian Folk Music Trio from Brooklyn, New York. Artistic Director Leonid Bruk.

Russian Band
  New York Russian folk music band specialty is Russian folk music and songs. All RUSSIAN BAND members are top professional musicians. Choice of Gypsy, Ukrainian, Russian (2 different sets) and Cossack costumes. Extended repertoire. Formal concert, background music or music for dancing party. Our main instruments are balalaika, domra, bayan, garmoshka (Russian button accordion), Gypsy guitar, classic guitar, contrabass balalaika, cello and vocals.

Brooklyn Klezmer Music Band
  Old Red Wine - Klezmer, Yiddish, Russian dixieland band from Brooklyn, New York. Artistic Director Shlomo Leiderman.

Balalaika Russian Dance and Music Trio
  Balalaika Russian Dance and Music Trio - Russian Cossack dance, balalaika and garmoshka music from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Russian Balalaika and Garmoshka Duo
  Russian Balalaika and Garmoshka Duo - Sasha Ressetar (balalaika), Mikhail Smirnov - guitar, garmoshka, vocals.

Balalaika virtuoso Sasha Ressetar
  Sasha (Alexander) Ressetar - balalaika virtuoso from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Balalaika prime Simon Lemberskiy
  Balalaika soloist Simon Lemberskiy from Brooklyn, New York.

Balalaika virtuoso Lev Zabeginsky
  Balalaika virtuoso Lev Zabeginsky from New York City.

Balalaika contrabass Leonid Bruk
  Leonid Bruk - Brooklyn based contrabass-balalaika player.

New York Balalaika Duo
  New York Balalaika Duo - balalaika player Lev Zabeginsky and Mikhail Smirnov (vocals, garmoshka, guitar).

Kalinka Duo: Sergey Vashchenko-balalaika, Vladimir Kaliazine-bayan, Austin, TX
  Kalinka Duo - Sergey Vashchenko-balalaika, Vladimir Kaliazine-bayan from Austin, TX.

Sergey Vashchenko
  Balalaika virtuoso Sergey Vashchenko from Austin, TX.

Balalaika stooges
Balalaika Stooges: Sasha Ressetar (balalaika), Michael L. Sensor (balalaika), Andy Koslow (balalaika contrabass), Serge Rogozin (balalaika), and Rick Heeld (domra).

Brighton Beach Menestrels
  Brighton Beach Menestrels.

The Balalaika Russe. Photo by Martin Koenig
  The Balalaika Russe - Russian balalaika band photos and story.

Tum Balalaika
  Tum Balalaika - Russian, Jewish, Ukranian, Gypsy band from Chicago, Illinois.

San Fransisco Balalaikas
  San Fransisco Balalaikas - Russian music ensemble from California. video

more Russian music ensembles, trio, and duets

Used domra for sale in Philadelphia, PA, Pennsylvania, USA.$400

Used domra for sale. Philadelphia, PA, Pennsylvania, USA, $400
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Elina Karokhina & Barynya
Elina Karokhina & Barynya. Balalaika music album
Balalaika music album

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Balalaika alto for sale
Balalaika alto for sale

Russian Christmas Music Balalaika Album
Russian Christmas Music Balalaika Album

barynya album
Balalaika virtuoso Alex Siniavski and Mikhail Smirnov (guitar)

Ensemble Barynya posters and artwork
Russian balalaika polyphonic ringtones free download

Russian folk music free mp3 download

Russian musical instruments
Authentic Russian instruments for sale

Bibs Ekkel
Bibs Ekkel: Russian Gypsy Music Balalaika album

is the best Russian dance and music ensemble outside of Russia (New York, USA). Russian, Gypsy, Cossack, Ukrasinian dances, songs and music with live accompaniment of balalaika, domra, garmoshka, Gypsy guitar, bayan and contrabass balalaika

Russian singers directory

Balalaika virtuoso Lev Zabeginsky
Lev Zabeginsky plays Music Of The World on Russian Balalaika

Ukrainian Cossack dancers New York USA
Ukrainian Cossack dancers from New York

Zhenya Shevchenko & Barynya 2008
Zhenya Shevchenko and ensemble Barynya Russian Gypsy dance, songs and music DVD 2008

Barynya Ohio 2007 DVD
Russian music and dance
ensemble Barynya DVD
summer 2007 Ohio tour

Russian European American Music Wedding and Party Band NY NJ CT

Russian food catering services

Russian DJ for hire in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, California, Nevada, Vermont, Massachusetts
Russian DJs and MCs for hire in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, California, Nevada, Vermont, Massachusetts

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