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Elina Karokhina and ensemble Barynya "Balalaika Music Album"

Ensemble Barynya Album 2011 Balalaika virtuoso Elina Karokhina & Russian dance and music ensemble Barynya compact disk Balalaika Music Album (2011). Elina Karokhina (balalaika), Leonid Bruk (balalaika-contrabass), Mikhail Smirnov (guitar, vocals). Elina Karokhina is Russia’s top balalaika player and a musician of international renown. Her speed, grace, and fluidity on the instrument must be seen and heard to believe. She began her formal training at the Mussorgsky College of St. Petersburg and continued her training at the Rimskii-Korsakov Conservatory, which included a residency in Germany. She returned to her native St. Petersburg, where she earned her Doctorate of Music/Balalaika... MP3 samples, order

01. Gypsy Medley.mp3
02. The Moon Is Shining.mp3
03. Kalinka.mp3
04. Jewish Valenki.mp3
05. I Met You.mp3
06. Kamarinskaya.mp3
07. Bruk's Medley.mp3
08. Dr.Zhivago Lara.mp3
09. Ural's Dance.mp3
10. WWII Medley.mp3
11. Jewish Medley.mp3
12. Polonaise.mp3
13. Rondo Alla Turca.mp3
14. Chardash.mp3
15. Husband Forsed Me.mp3
16. Semyonovna.mp3
17. Mountan Ash Tree.mp3
18. Paganini.mp3
19. Schnittke.mp3
20. Sailors' Dance.mp3
21. Two Guitars.mp3
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