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Belly Dancer Albina from Columbus, Ohio

Belly Dancer Albina BELLY DANCER ALBINA - from Columbus, OH, is a professional Gypsy and Middle Eastern dancer, choreographer, instructor, an artistic director of a newly formed GYPSY PASSION Ensemble and a member of the "Bashira" Middle Eastern dancing troupe.

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Belly Dancer Albina She is originally from Kiev, Ukraine, where she received an extensive training in Russian ballet, ethnic, and character dancing and danced for several years with one of the Ukrainian dance ensembles.

Albina has always been attracted to the lyrical, heartfelt and passionate music of the Russian, Bessarabian, and European Gypsies, Belly Dancer Albina a distinct and proud ethnic cross-cultural group or family.

Albina's repertoire includes Russian, Bessarabian, Hungarian, and Spanish Gypsy dances. Her Gypsy woman is slightly rebellious, free willed, lyrical, fiery and passionate without having to apologize for being that way.

Belly Dancer Albina Albina's experience in Middle Eastern dancing adds some special flair to her Gypsy dances.

Albina also created choreographies for children, including the Cat dance, the Gaucho dance (La Kukaracha), Fly-the-Buzzer, Sailors (Yablochko) dance, Quadrille, and a Gypsy dance with tambourine.

Belly Dancer Albina Albina regularly performs at dance seminar Gala Shows, Russian-European community concerts, private celebrations, at yearly Belly Dance Competitions "By Invitation Shows", fund raising events, and festivals. She is in much demand as a Gypsy dancer throughout Central Ohio and in other states.

Albina offers her shows for engagement party, birthday party, baby shower, corporate events, christmas party, product launch party, cultural events, street festivals, state fairs and restaurants, bars, lounges.


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