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New Jersey and NYC belly dancer Erika

Erika Erika is a professional Middle Eastern dance artist based in New York and New Jersey with many years of experience. Previous to discovering her love for the art of Belly Dance, at age six she studied Ballet for a short while then studied Modern Dance into her teenage years where she was nominated top of her class for best performances. As a teacher and choreographer she is proud to pass this ancient art form to the new students of today.

Erika was a featured dancer for International Egyptian born singer Chantal Chamandy, the Bollywood Music Awards, and has made her entrance through the halls of the "Trump Taj Mahal" in Atlantic City, NJ Public radio and television, the United Nations, and many more.

Erika performs regularly as a soloist in restaurants and special events such as weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, bridal and baby showers; and at other venues and occasions. She also collaborates with other dancers and dance companies including Fusion Belly Dancers throughout New York City and New Jersey.

She is graceful, passionate and creative; and with her combined expertise in Modern and Middle Eastern dance Erika is truly a gifted dancer with a positive energy who is guaranteed to light up any occasion. Her professionalism, versatility and artistry shine through with every performance.

"Dancing has always been a big part of me. As a child I would constantly ask for feedback from my dance teachers and observe every movement closely with detail, I was not only fascinated, but determined and focused. After extensive training in the art of dance I can feel the empowerment dancing has given me. I allow my body and soul to follow the music rather then focus every performance on technique and choreography. I am a strong believer of improvisation and feel that it is then that a dancer’s true spirit and skill is revealed. It is a freedom of expression that can only be spoken with movement. It gives me great pleasure to introduce and entertain this inspiring dance form to my audience and make them a part of this beautiful magical world of dance."


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Erika Veils

Erika Veils

Erika Veils

Erika Veils
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Erika Veils
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Questions and Answers

Q. How long is the show?
A. The standard time for a show is 20-30 minutes. The use of props such as, veil, finger cymbals, sword, cane, and candles may be used as part of the show. Audience participation may be included and is always encouraged as it always adds to the occasion and gives your guests a chance to show off their moves on the dance floor.

Q. Who brings the music and what type of music is it?
A. The belly dancer always provides the music and normally has a set list ready for the show. Music will be in the form of a CD or IPOD. Dancing is followed by Arabic and Turkish music and sometimes Indian music depending on the occasion and performance. Erika can also dance to a live band if you plan to have one for your occasion. Lastly, it is asked that the music is nice and loud during the performance.

Q. Is it appropriate for children to be present during the show?
A. Absolutely! All performances are family friendly and appropriate for children of all ages. Children love to get up and dance with the belly dancer.

Q. Is tipping appropriate?
A. Yes always appreciated.

Q. How far in advance should I book a show?
A. At least 2-3 weeks in advance to ensure availability (the sooner the better). Last minute bookings are worth a try, but not always definite.

Q. What if I need more then one dancer?
A. Erika often collaborates with many other professional dancers who are available to entertain your guests with spectacular choreographed belly dance shows.

Q. Can I record and take pictures of the performance?
A. Sure. They are memories that will last forever. And It is always appreciated when pictures and any footage of the performance is sent to me.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
A. Cash or check is fine upon my arrival. You may also pay the full amount by using paypal 72 hours before the occasion. On some occasions a non-refundable 50% deposit is required depending on how busy my schedule will be the day of your event.


Classic Belly Dance Show - A 25 minute performance with an audience participation section. Erika will get everyone up and dancing before making her exit. Shows may include veils, finger cymbals, large elaborate Isis wings, candles, sword or cane. Props vary by performance. Please specify if you have a preference for a specific prop.

Deluxe Classic Belly Dance Show- Consists of two 25 minute sets and a costume change. There will be a 20 minute intermission right after the first set. For the grand finale Erika will finish the show off by dancing in a different costume and elaborate Isis wings.

Performance with mini-lesson - Includes the “Classic Belly Dance Show Package” and lesson. Erika Veils will perform her routine and then teach your guests some basic belly dance moves that they can apply to the dance floor!

Belly Dance Duet (2 dancers) or Group Performance (3-6 or more dancers) - Includes a dramatic 20-30 minute choreographed show specifically fit for your occasion. Props are always included. Type of props various on occasion, space, and special requests.


“Erika is truly a gifted performer. Her style and elegance brings magic to the stage and she really knows how to capture an audience. Erika and her dance partners performed at Jambalaya and they were spectacular!”

We look forward to seeing you again at Jambalaya.

All the best to you,

-Liz Tapia Founder of Jambalaya Productions

“Erika has graced the run way and magazines as a model for my company Decotach. She is dependable and a consummate professional. I especially like the unique flare she brings to each one of my projects which most definitely make her stand out in the crowd.”

-Angela, Owner of Decotach company

“Erika has been dancing at Layaly for several years and it is almost certain that with each performance she brings in more and more customers. She is a true professional and knows how to work the crowd with outstanding shows.”

-George, Layaly NYC Lounge

“Erika performed at my daughters Sweet Sixteen. It was AMAZING; the way she moves and her performance could leave any one speechless. You haven’t seen any one perform until you see Erika. I met Erika from a friend at work, when I was planning my girls Sweet sixteen party. Erika is a great teacher, she taught my girls how to belly dance in which they performed at their party as well. It was an unbelievable night, a night to remember. Erika is also a great person with a big heart.”

-Mary Fernandez-Empire Merchants LLC. & Melanie & Melody Rodriguez

“Erika's a great dancer! She completely lights up a room with her grace and her smile. She taught me how to belly dance for my Sweet Sixteen, and I wouldn't have any other now teach me differently. My experience with Erika was truly amazing. Erika, you rock!”



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