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Balalaika virtuoso Sasha (Alexander) Ressetar from Harrisburg, PA

Alexander Ressetar Balalaika virtuoso Alexander Ressetar from Harrisburg, PA is available for hire for all kind of performances solo, or with a folk band or balalaika orchestra. Dancers are also available upon request. Alexander (Sasha) first heard the balalaika when he was a child. He was born in 1963 in San Antonio, Texas at Lackland Air Force Base. At three years of age he started to listen to old Russian records. His father was serving as a Russian Orthodox priest at that time. He had a collection of Russian choral and instrumental music which included the Serge Jaroff Male Choir and Sasha Polinoff's orchestra. At that time, Polinoff played the balalaika in Russian reastaurants in New York City. At a very early age Sasha decided to be like Polinoff. Ressetar started playing balalaika when Mrs. Anastasia Karnow from Philadelphia organized a Russian folk balalaika orchestra at the parish in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, this was not yet the musical instrument of choice. By age 16 Sasha was playing a guitar in a punk rock band. He picked up the balalaika again 4 years later when he was a student at the Art Institute of Pittsburg. He was stayd with balalaika ever since. Sasha began working in New York City in 1986 and within one month he was playing russian music at the RASPUTIN Restaurant on West 46th Street. Since that time he was played at many restaurants all over Big Apple. Some of them, like THE RUSSIAN TEA ROOM, are still famous but many others have gone out of business. It is hard to make a living as a musician and Sasha relies on other jobs to make a living. For him the hardship is an acceptable price for playing to an appreciative audience. Some of the other things Sasha has done including visiting the former U.S.S.R. (now Russia) for Andreev Balalaika Centennial and appearing as a balalaika player in an episode of LAW AND ORDER, SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT, a cerial television program on CBS. Sasha currently lives and works in Harrisburg, Pensylvania and plays balalaika at the Hilton and Towers and other venues.

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bigger image
Red Square,Russia
photo of Sasha playing balalaika at his first job in New York City
first gig in NYC
photo of Sasha with Bishop Tikhon
with Bishop Tikhon

K.Bokov 1988
Art by K.Bokov
Sasha's art work
Sasha's Art work
twin towers NYC
Twin towers NYC.
Sasha's photo
St. Tikhons Monastery 2005
St. Tikhons Monastery 2005

bigger image  bigger image  Balalaika virtuoso Sasha Ressetar  bigger image
Plaza Hotel, New York City

bigger image
Ressetar family
bigger Ressetar Passport
Russian passport
bigger image
on the horse
russian church
Russian church

bigger image
Penn. University
balalaika group
bigger image
cossacks at
bigger image
Sergey Zharov
grave stone
bigger image
Zhenya Shevchenko
at Petrushka Ball

bigger image
with Sasha Polinoff
bigger image
TV show Law and Order
with Anna on Bondura Reception after Aleksandr Nevsky Movie
Aleksandr Nevsky movie

Dimitriy Ressetar   Dimitriy Ressetar

Sasha's gig poster

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Used domra for sale in Philadelphia, PA, Pennsylvania, USA.$400

Used domra for sale. Philadelphia, PA, Pennsylvania, USA, $400
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