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Roma Zhukov - famous Russian pop singer

Roma Zhukov Popular Russian singer Roma Zhukov was born on April 19, 1967 in Oryol. He studied music at the musical school. In 1984 Roma moved to Moscow, the capital of Russia. He played keyboard with the group "Yunost" (Youth). In Moscow Roma Zhukov (Russian: Рома Жуков) studied music professionally at the Gnesin's music college. In 1987 he was invited to join pop music group "Mirage". In 1988 he left the group and started to perform solo. The most famous single by Roma Zhukov "I love you, girls" use to be known to every Russian speaking person in Russia. It use to be played at every restaurant in Russia. In 2009-2010 Roma Zhukov will be available for hire in the United States of America for all kind of events.


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Roma Zhukov
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Russian pop singer Roma Zhukov


watch this video on website

watch this video on website

watch this video on website


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