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Russian singer Elena Harris from Grand Forks, ND

Russian, Cossack, Ukrainian, American, Gypsy and international singer Elena Harris is a native of Voronezh, Russia. She graduated from Voronezh College of Russian music. Currently based in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Elena is a cafe/nightclub performer and arranger for radio and television jingles, master of ceremonies and management of weddings and banquets. She specializes in conducting, improvisation, music theory, Russian traditional singing.

She performs original compositions and cover songs in English and Russian. She composed over 80 musical pieces ranging from Funk to Classical with a specialty in children’s music.

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Elena Harris Russian singer Elena Harris Elena Harris Russian singer Elena Harris
Elena Harris Elena Harris Elena Harris Elena Harris
Elena Harris Elena Harris


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Wedding Celebration Testimonial
Dr. William & Mrs. Mariya Brendel, October 8, 2009

Elena Harris Before we even contacted Mikhail Smirnov (a.k.a. MC Misha) to be the Master of Ceremonies for our wedding this past September, we knew that we would be getting a wonderful celebrity personality since we’d already fallen in love with his humor as a judge on the NBC show “Superstars of Dance.” From the moment Mikhail answered our phone call, we also knew that we were in the great care of a true professional, masterful organizer, and patient soul. We’re writing to share our story of how Mikhail not only “met” but “exceeded” our great expectations for a memorable wedding reception. Like any picky couple, we wanted to add a few key songs to our wedding play list. Not only did Misha add these songs to the play list, but his D.J. (Barnaul) picked up immediately on the style and tone of these songs and added music to complement our taste perfectly.

DJ Barnaul

What’s more, even though we couldn’t afford a band, Misha surprised us with three professional singers. The first singer (Alexander Menshikov), a handsome gentleman with an angelic and operatic voice requiring no microphone, sang several amazing ballads including Dark Eyes that turned this ordinary wedding into a banquet fit for a Tsar!

MC Misha with Dr. William & Mrs. Mariya Brendel   MC Misha

The second singer (Elena Harris) could best be described as a sultry, classic beauty, straight from a James Bond movie, who sang the jazz standard Summertime, which melted all single men in their seats. The third singer was Misha himself, who sang several Russian favorites straight from his heart has he strummed his guitar. This trio wove their talent throughout the night for a perfect personal touch to our wedding celebration. Guests were simply shocked.

singer Sasha MC Misha, singer Sasha

We also wanted to make sure that our mix of Russian and American guests were guided in the right direction and made to feel comfortable throughout the night. As a myriad of guests entered the restaurant hall, they were met with a Misha’s classy and humorous greetings, which easily broke the ice between guests who did not know each other. Misha also provided Russian translation of speeches, and encouraged several guests to pay tribute to our special union. With his help, our wedding transcended the “mechanical order of events” associated with most receptions. Ours was a more intimate and heartwarming evening, in which friends and family shared stories, made toasts, and bonded with perfect strangers. Guests felt at home.

Gypsy Fortune Teller

Finally, in planning our celebration we worried that the evening might “fizzle out” too soon as we’ve experienced in so many weddings we’ve attended. If you are working with Misha, you can be assured that your evening will only escalate with joy, excitement, and wonderment. Just when we thought it couldn’t get better, a person in costume resembling a larger-than-life gypsy woman appeared, and a playful gypsy song accompanied her across the floor as she danced and flirted with guests! People literally fell out of their seats with laughter, and the children sat still with magic in their eyes. Other surprise guests appeared, but I’ll stop my description now as not to spoil the surprise! Later in the evening, D.J. Barnaul hosted a Russian dance competition, also teaching guests how to do several traditional folk dances. Guests experienced an enchanted evening. Thank you, Mikhail and team for going “above and beyond” in making our wedding celebration truly unforgettable. We’ve enclosed some pictures, which we feel “speak louder than words” in describing how amazing this evening was.

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