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Kid's parties in Moscow, Russia

Kid's parties Moscow Russia Kid's parties in Moscow (Детские праздники в Москве), Russia organized by singer Nina Selivanova. Nina performs at kids parties, private and corporate events in Moscow, Russia. She sings Russian folk songs, Russian oldies, popular repertoire, songs of other nationalities, songs from different religious and social holidays: Christmas, Maslenitsa, etc. Nina Selivanova (Нина Селиванова) from Moscow, Russia was born in Moscow in family of professional Russian folk singers, Honored Performers of Russia Svetlana Smirnova and Yury Selivanov. Nina finished her formal education as a professional folk singer at the Moscow State Institute of Music with all top scores. She plays piano and guitar. Nina Selivanova performs solo, with small ensemble of musicians, or with the orchestra. Currently Nina is a student at one of the most prestigious school of music in Russia for singers: Russian Academy of Music known as Gnesin's Institute of Music. (The Gnesins' Academy of Music is a state Institution in Moscow, Russian Federation). Nina Selivanova has already won a few international competitions for folk singers, performed at the best venues in Russia and abroad.

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Russian singers
Roma Zhukov
  Roma Zhukov - famous Russian pop singer. video

  Twix - show group from Moscow, Russia.

Aleksander Menshikov
  Russian Gypsy and popular songs singer Alexander Menshikov from Cliffside Park, New Jersey performs with his New York Russian wedding music band, ensemble Barynya or solo. He studied singing at the Gnesin's Academy in Moscow, Russia.

Yakov Yavno
  Acclaimed Russian Jewish singer and actor from New York Yakov Yavno

Piques Dames
  Piques Dames perform in the New York metropolitan area. Their repertoire includes a variety of Slavic and European Classical and Folk vocal music as well as compositions from operatic and sacred classics.

Yury Mitchenko
  Singer, keyboard player, MC Yury Mitchenko is available in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania

Singer Abdula Kazil
  Abdula - popular and traditional songs from Caucasus Mountains. video

Lyudmila Fesenko
  Lyudmila Fesenko - opera singer from New York. video

Sergei Pobedinski
  Russian, Gypsy, Jewish, Italian and American singer Sergei Pobedinski from New York City, USA

Irina Zagornova
  Russian folk singer Irina Zagornova from New York, USA

Vasily Yankovich
  Classical Russian Gypsy singer Vasily Yankovich was named the best Tsygansky (Russian Roma Gypsy) singer in the United States. Available in New York, New Jersey and internationally.

Vadim Kolpakov
  Gypsy Roma singer and dancer, 7-string guitar virtuoso Vadim Kolpakov

Svetlana Smirnova Yury Selivanov
  Honored performers of Russia Svetlana Smirnova and Yury Selivanov from Moscow, Russia

Mikhail Smirnov
  Russian folk singer and garmoshka player Mikhail Smirnov from Fort Lee, New Jersey performs authentic Russian folk songs and tongue twisters.

Нина Селиванова
  Певица Нина Селиванова (English: Nina Selivanova) из Москвы.

Kid's parties Moscow Russia
  Kid's parties in Moscow, Russia

Nikolai Massenkoff
  Russian, Ukrainian and Gypsy singer Nikolai Massenkoff from San Francisco, California

Tanya Matveeva
  Russian folk singer Tanya Matveeva from Moscow, Russia

Marina Zhuravlyova
  Russian singer Marina Zhuravleva from Calgary, Canada

Russian dancers, singers, balalaika, garmoshka Hawaii, Lahaina, Maui, HI
  Russian Show Hawaii - dancers, singers, balalaika, garmoshka Maui, Hawaii. video

Vitali Baganov
  Russian bayan player, singer and actor Vitali Baganov from New York City, New York, USA

Valentina Kvasova
  Russian Cossack singer and dancer Valentina Kvasova from New York, USA

Nina Tritenichenko
  Ukrainian singer, musician from San Fransisco, California Nina Tritenichenko

Natalia Demidova
  Russian folk singer Natalia Demidova from New York

Victoria Pichurova
  Russian, Cossack, Ukrainian and Gypsy folk singer Victoria Pichurova from Brooklyn, New York, USA

Elena Harris
  Russian singer Elena Harris from Grand Forks, Idaho, USA

Svetlana Yankovsky
  Gypsy singer Svetlana Yankovsky from Las Vegas, Nevada

Alexander Prokhorov
  Russian singer, Bass-baritone Alexander Prokhorov from Boston, Massachusetts was born in Russia. Now he lives in Boston, where he is engaged as one of the performing artists with Boston University's Opera Institute. Alexander has been described as a "true deep bass with tones, that immediately astonished with their midnight-dark, chasm depth of richness and powerful timber..."

Boris Kletinich
  Russian singer (bass-barytone) Boris Kletinich from Montreal, Canada was graduated from the University of Theater Art and Film of Moscow (Russia). During his military service, he was soloist of the Air Force Orchestra and Chorus of the Red Army. Boris can sing different musical forms: Russian popular and love songs, rock and love ballad, the jazz, the popular writings of Broadway, the Jewish and Latin America songs, arias of opera.

Zarina Maliti
  Russian singer Zarina Maliti from Moscow, Russia

Mila Levine
  Mila - Russian Gypsy singer-songwriter from NYC

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