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Kalinka Duo: Russian balalaika and bayan from Austin, TX

On Saturday, August 26th, 2006 Russian balalaika and bayan Kalinka Duo from Austin, Texas performed at the Festival Concert Hall on Festival Hill, State Highway 237 at Jaster Road, Ruon Top. Texas. The Festival-Institute presented the Russian folk duo Kalinka - Sergey Vashchenko (balalaika) and Vladimir Kaliazine (bayan), with folk dancers Oksana Chernyuk and Viorel Balan.

Kalinka Duo: Sergey Vashchenko-balalaika, Vladimir Kaliazine-bayan, Austin, TX Balalaika virtuoso Sergey Vashchenko, Vladimir Kaliazine and Russian folk duo KALINKA (Bayan and balalaika) are in business for about 35 years, including ten years in Texas, USA. Before both musicians were professors in filial of English conservatory in Spain for about 3 years. Russian accordion (bayan) and balalaika duo "Kalinka" present a combination of unique instruments and repertoire that showcase the artists' heritage and training. The balalaika and bayan (accordion) are instruments that produce sounds that reflect the language of Old World melodies. After performing throughout Russia and Europe, the duo moved to the United States to settle in Texas. Whether performing spectacular classical and traditional Russian works, or international favorites, Kalinka's charm and virtuosity is evident. Russian duo "Kalinka" repertoire includes: - Artistic Musical Performances - Balalaika and Bayan (buttons accordion). - Orchestra Performances - Conducting of Russian and classical repertoire, virtuoso balalaika soloist and Master Accordion. - European Folk and Classical Music performances - Russian and Eastern European favorites.


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Somewhere My Love: Russian Gems, CD, 2003, Seduction Records
Romantic Journey, CD, 2003, Ruben Ayala Studio
Kalinka Presents Bubliki, CD, 1999, Luis Martinez, JP.Kitchen Studio


Flight of the Bumblebee by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov 571KB WMA file
Russian folk song "Korobeyniky" MP3 564KB
"Somewhere My Love..." from soundtrack of "Dr. Zhivago" 1MB MP3 file
Carmen 345KB MP3 file
Finale of Concerto for Balalaika with Orchestra by V. Marunich 3.3MB WMA file


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Kalinka Duo: Sergey Vashchenko-balalaika, Vladimir Kaliazine-bayan, Austin, TX Kalinka represent a combinations of unique instruments and repertoire that show case the artists’ heritage and training. Balalaika and Bayan (accordion) sound the language of Old World melodies. After performing throughout Russia and Europe, the duo came to the United States to settle in Texas. Whether performing spectacular classical and traditional russian music, or internationally known favorites, their charm and virtuosity is evident.

City of Dallas

Dallas Neighborhood Touring Program of Cultural Affairs: Kalinka, Russian Duet has been chosen to participate in different ethnic and professional talent showcases, such as street festivals, art exhibits and public performances, all sponsored by the City of Dallas. It has been a privilege for Kalinka to represent the increasing presence of the Russian Community in North Texas, through folk and classical performances. Please refer to the 1997-2002 Neighborhood Touring Program Catalog of the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs for further information.

Young Audiences of Texas

Texas, USA Kalinka Russian folk Duo: Balalaika virtuoso Sergey Vashchenko and Bayan virtuoso Vladimir Kaliazine As an educational organization, Young Audiences of Greater Texas’ goal is to celebrate the arts in all its diversity by providing a unique approach to studying both the profound similarities and distinctive differences of people throughout history and around the world. Kalinka has been successfully presenting educational programs to students of both public and private schools all around Dallas and Fort Worth. The unique didactics of music appreciation and instrument performance have made an extraordinary presentation from this world-class music duet.

Intern Artist Participation

Following the expertise and uniqueness of their characteristic instruments, Mr.Kaliazine (Bayan) and Mr.Vashchenko (Balalaika) participate with other music organizations, orchestras and musical projects, contributing their talent to a wide array of musical trends. Among the most outstanding internships in Texas are: Irving, Plano, Allen, Las Colinas, Arlington,

Garland Symphonies Orchestras

Balalaika virtuoso Sergey Vashchenko and Bayan virtuoso Vladimir Kaliazine Kalinka participated in several music series and with pop symphonies. They brought a truly unique feel to American orchestral music with new combinations of instruments, such as balalaika and bayan. Russian folk songs and classical musical pieces presented an uncommon interpretation, which captured the public’s interest.

The Light Crust Doughboys Band

This group of Bluegrass and old Texana music has combined for the first time a banjo and balalaika to create a unique sound that crosses musical frontiers and styles. Together with sharp harmonic tunes of the Bayan (button accordion), The Light Crust Doughboys have created what they called “Russian Country” music, a delightful combination of Texas and Russian flavored music. Bayan virtuoso Vladimir Kaliazine

Vladimir Kaliazine (bayan)

At the age of five in his native Latvia, Vladimir Kaliazine began studying the Russian, five-row chromatic button accordion, know as the bayan. He received a high honours degree from St. Petersburg Conservatory. His own improvisations revealed such a mastery of the accordion that he went on tour as a featured performer with the famous Dance Ensemble of Siberia.

Cafe Noir

As one of the most popular Jazz and Synthesizer Pop Band in the country, Cafe Noir gathers gifted musicians who play almost every instrument imaginable in the world to create one of the most “art nova” experiences. Mr. Kaliazine’s participation with Cafe Noir brings the gift of the Russian Accordion to Jazz and eclectic repertoires. Being a top professional on his instrument, Mr. Kaliazine not only becomes part of the band, but also contributes with expert advice with the group’s musical arrangement and compositions.

Houston Balalaika and Domra Association

An American orchestra of Russian folk instruments based in Houston since 1992, this orchestra represents an artistic nest for Mr. Vashchenko, since there are not many specialized orchestras of this kind in the U.S. Mr. Vashchenko first participated as a guest conductor, and later became resident conductor for the last three years of the orchestra’s artistic season. His solid background as conductor and soloist all over Europe have proven extremely valuable for the American Balalaika and Domra Association; few people will notice the cognate between a Domra (Russian mandolin of four strings) and a Balalaika (Russian folk string instrument of only three cords); under the guidance and direction of Mr. Vashchenko, a multitude of these unique instruments comes lively for the audiences. The musical repertoire probes the rich and vast array of Russian Classical, American folk, and even selected pieces of Americana.

Lead Performances

Balalaika virtuoso Sergey Vashchenko Having obtained wide recognition in North Texas, Kalinka has been the star of many festivals, among which are the Russian concerts of the region and international samplers of ethnic talent, such as Russian Winter Annual Festival of Dallas, Classical 101 Radio Anniversary Series, Montage Annual Festival, and International Museum of Cultures Artistic Festival.

Sergey Vashchenko - Jimi Hendrix of Russian Balalaika

Ukrainian born Sergey Vashchenko began his musical training as a child on the bayan and balalaika. He was chosen to study at several prominent musical schools in his native country, and received several awards in musical competitions. He earned a Master’s Degree in Music from the Ural Conservatory in 1985, in performance and conducting, and then served as Musical Instructor and Dean for Balalaika at the Perm Cultural Institute for Arts.

Mr. Vashchenko toured with several groups, including “Lira” and “Bubliky” throughout Europe. He now resides in North American and tours with the group “Kalinka”. Mr. Vashchenko released his debut recording, “Concerto for Balalaika with Symphony Orchestra”, by R. Makarenko at the Perm Radio Station in Russia in 1988. He has produced several CDs together and with the collaboration of other artists. Their latest CD, entitled “Somewhere My Love”, is currently in the running for a Grammy Award 2004 under the “Best Traditional World Music Album” category.

With over 200 performances... read more about Mr. Vashchenko...

letter recomendation from Van Cliburn
letter recomendation from Van Cliburn


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