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Anna Mikhaylenko - Russian dancer and choreographer from NYC

Russian dancer and choreographer from NYC Anna Mikhaylenko is well known in NYC dance community for her beautiful choreography of "Two Guitars" Gypsy dance. She is a teacher, and choreographer with Brighton Ballet, NYC Can-Can dancers, Barynya, New York dance show.


For fast price quote and information please send an email to or call Mikhail Smirnov at 1 (201) 981-2497.


Anna Mikhaylenko

Anna Mikhaylenko Anna Mikhaylenko

"Two Guitars" Gypsy dance choreographed by Anna Mikhaylenko
Dancers Andrij Cybyk, Ganna Makarova

Mikhail Smirnov (guitar, vocal), Alex Siniavski (Gypsy guitar), Sergey Ryabtsev (violin), Gennady Gutkin (bayan), Leonid Bruk (contrabass balalaika), Lev Zabeginsky (balalaika), Vasiliy Romani (Russian Gypsy 7-stringed guitar). Russian dance and music ensemble Barynya (Artistic Director Mikhail Smirnov) recorded on Saturday, January 26, 2008 in New York City during the concert with legendary Gypsy singer Zhenya Shevchenko.

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Restaurant Europe, Baltimore, MD, September 2010.

Gypsy dance and Can-Can

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Russian dance and Flamenco

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For fast price quote and information please send an email to or call Mikhail Smirnov at 1 (201) 981-2497.


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  Ensemble "Barynya" from New York - traditional Russian dance and music show. Barynya is a unique group of top soloists: musicians, singers and dancers who were trained and performed with world-known companies such as Don Cossacks of Rostov, Andreev State symphonic balalaika orchestra, Moscow State center of "Russian Song". Artistic Director Mikhail Smirnov.


For fast price quote and information please send an email to or call Mikhail Smirnov at 1 (201) 981-2497.

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