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"Tum Balalaika" Klezmer Band from Chicago performs Klezmer, Russian, Yiddish, Gypsy, Ukranian, Romanian, and Jewish music and songs. Artistic Director Peter Sadkin. "Tum Balalaika" is an authentic group of professionally trained musicians with wealth of experience playing in orchestras in Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine. Beautifully arranged tunes played on bayan (Russian button accordion), violin, clarinet, flute, sopilka, koval, tzimbali and others from Russian, Gypsy, Ukrainian and Yiddish heritage. Polkas, waltzes, kadrils, gopaks and other traditional dances. "Tum Balalaika" Band is more than 15 years old. We performed at variety of art festival, at Bulls events in United Center, at JUF Telethons and many other events, fundraisers and private parties. "Tum Balalaika" can present from five to ten members depending on occasion.


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Peter Sadkhin, bayan (accordion), band leader
After receiving Masters Degree in musical education Peter has taught music and played in Red Army Band and many different orchestras in Europe and the U.S. He found Tum Balalaika in 1993 and has been entertaining Chicago since then.
Vladimir Liberman, saxophone
As a soloist in the Grand Orchestra of Kiev Circus, Vladimir Liberman toured Eastern Europe and and former Soviet Union. He has Master Degree in Music and plays soprano and tenor saxophone. He enjoys a 40-year career of professional musician when he played in many jazz and folk orchestras as the basis and foundation for his masterful expertise.
Boris Gorelik, violin
Boris Gorelik's 40-year career of professional musician has earned him fame around Eastern Europe and Chicago. He enjoyed many wonderful years as a soloist of Minsk Symphony in Belorussia State Philarmony and has been entertaining Chicago since 1990.
Anatoly Rudenko, vocals
Tum Balalaika's lead singer performed as a soloist of the State Capella of Banduras, Ukrainian folk orchestra and choir. With this team he has toured the world. His velvety voice has been made specially to highlight the beauty of folk music.
Valeriy Yaver, woodwind
Valeriy Yaver, attended Belarus State Conservatory of Music. A virtuoso of flute, sopilka, dudka and other folk woodwind instruments, performed with world-renown folk ensembles Khoroshki and Zabava. His sounds have amazed the listeners around the world.
Peter Klepatsky, drums
Peter Klepatsky, attended Conservatory of Music in Belarus, professional percussion teacher and performer, has toured the world with folk ensembles Zabava and Khoroshki
Irina Grigorovich, cymbalom
Irina Grigorovich, originally from Minsk, attended the Conservatory of Belarus and was a winner of International Festival of Moscow. She traveled extensively in the former Soviet Union, Europe, Egypt, and Libya. She has appeared with Light Opera Works, Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra, and University of Syracuse Symphony, Northwestern Symphony Orchestra, Tutti Chamber Orchestra and toured with Zabava in Virginia, Tennessee, New York, Louisiana and Michigan

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Russian, Yiddish, Gypsy, Ukranian, Romanian band from Chicago, Illinois
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Russian, Yiddish, Gypsy, Ukranian, Romanian band from Chicago, Illinois
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Russian, Yiddish, Gypsy, Ukranian, Romanian band from Chicago, Illinois


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For fast price quote or ask any questions email or call (201) 981-2497.


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