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Russian music, song, dance trio "Barynya" NYC, NY, NJ, CT, PA

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Russian folk song and dance trio "Barynya" is available for performances in NYC (New York City), New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and other states. The "Barynya Trio" is available to perform for multicultural school assemblies, colleges, libraries, adult care, restaurants, etc. The group consist of one musician/singer Mikhail Smirnov, one of the original members of the "Barynya Trio", two dancers, or two musicians. "Trio Barynya" is the part of Barynya - the biggest professional Russian dance and music troupe outside of Russia.

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Video from Russian Festival in Howell, NJ on Oct 10, 2010

Elina Karokhina (balalaika), Mikhail Smirnov (guitar, garmoshka, vocals), Leonid Bruk (balalaika contrabass). Dancers: Alexey Maltsev, Ilia Pankratov, Anna Brovkina, Olga Chpitalnaia.

"Gypsy Fantasy"


"Nanai wrestling dance"

"Gypsy dance"

"Cossack dance"

Montclair Kimberley Academy in Montclair, NJ 04-15-2010

Concert took place on April 15th, 2010. Cast: Anya Zeenenko (dancer), Alexey Maltsev (dancer, costumed characters), Mikhail Smirnov (garmoshka, balalaika, vocals). List of songs and dances performed: "Kalinka", "Korobushka", "Hopak", "Chastushki-Staradaniya", "Nanai Sumo Wrestling dance", "Metelitsa" (The Snowstorm), "Skorogovorki" (Russian Tongue Twisters), "Subboteya" (Saturday Affair). Extra: photo medley. Camera Sasha, video editing Misha.

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Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 04-07-2015

Russian dance trio performance in Carlisle, Pennsylvania on Monday, April 7, 2008. The Russian Department at Dickinson College (Carlisle, Pennsylvania) hosted its annual Russian dinner on Monday, April 7 2008. The dinner featured traditional Russian food and a performance by ensemble Barynya Russian folk singers and dancers: Valentina Kvasova, Mikhail Smirnov, and Alexey Maltsev. For fast price quote contact Barynya Entertainment.

Russian folk song and dance Trio BARYNYA members from 1991 to 1998

Russian folk song and dance Trio BARYNYA members from 1991 to 1998:
Russian folk singer Natalia Demidova, folk dancer and choreographer Sasha Anchutin and Mikhail Smirnov (guitar, balalaika, garmoshka, gusli, vocals). Russian folk song and dance trio BARYNYA was the beginning of famous Russian song, dance and music ensemble Barynya based in New York, the best Russian dance and music group outside of Russia.

Russian folk song and dance Trio BARYNYA story

On May 7th 1991 Natalia Demidova and Mikhail Smirnov arrived in the United States. Very soon Misha and Natasha started to perform together as Russian folk duo Misha and Natasha from Russia.

trio barynya

In the end of 1991 extremely talented Russian dancer Sasha Anchutin, who was trained and performed with world known Moyseev Dance Company, joined the group as choreographer and dancer. That was the beginning of ensemble Barynya. The first show took place at Russian restaurant "Fyodoroff", Carle Place, Long Island, New York. The program of the trio always started with Russian folk dance "BARYNYA", which was selected as a name of the trio.

trio barynya

The word "Barynya" stands for a fast Russian folk dance. In old times in Russia the word "Barynya" (Landlady) was used by simple folks as a form of addressing to a woman of higher class. The Barynya dance is an alternation of chastushkas (limericks) and frenetic dancing. The Barynya chastuskas used to have a refrain "Barynya, barynya, sudarynya-barynya", or "Barynya ty moya, sudarynya ty moya". The content is always humoristic. The dancing goes without special choreography and consists mainly of fancy stomping and traditional Russian squatwork ("prisyadka", "vprisyadku").

Russian folk music and dance trio
Russian folk music and dance trio Barynya

Russian folk singer Natalia (Natasha) Russian folk singer and dancer Natalia (Natasha) graduated from Moscow State University of Culture and Arts. As a student she was performing with semi-professional folk group "SLAVICHI" (Director Gennady Rudnev). After completion of formal education she performed as a soloist with professional ensemble "Bylina" and then Moscow State Musical Folklore Theatre "Russkaya Pesnya" (Director Nadezhda Babkina). Since year of 1991 Natasha resides in the United States and works with Russian folk ensemble Barynya, Russian folk music trio Barynya, Russian folk duo "Misha and Natasha from Russia" and performs solo.

Mikhail Smirnov Mikhail Smirnov is a professional Russian folk singer, performer and musician with many years of experience. Instruments: garmoshka, balalaika, guitar, jaleika, kugikly, contrabass balalaika and gusli. Specialty: traditional Russian folk music and songs from various regions of Russia. As a student of Moscow State Institute of Culture Mikhail Smirnov went to many different parts of Russia such as Tver, Smolensk and Belgorod as a collector of Russian folklore. Over 100 hours of Russian folk songs, tunes, and lyrics recorded. Many of those songs are used in the program of New York based Russian folk music and dance ensemble "Barynya", where Misha (Mikhail) is still working as managing director since the group was found in 1991. Before graduation Mikhail was a soloist/choirmaster at vocal semi-professional group "Moskovia" (director Valery Kuzmich Nesterov). After graduating from Moscow State Academy of Arts Mikhail Smirnov was performing with Russian folk Theatre "Matanya" and Moscow State Folk Center "Russkaya Pesnya", director Nadezhda Babkina.


Russian folk duo Misha and Natasha from Russia's 
Compact disk "Beyond The Don River" Russian folksongs, CD cover by artist Vladimir Nekrasov MP3 file Beyond The Don River Russian folk song
MP3 file Saturday Affair Russian folk song
MP3 file A Nut Tree in the Field Russian folk song
MP3 file The Don Cossacks Russian folk song
MP3 file Do Not Wind The Threads Russian folk song
MP3 file Stenka Razin`s Dream Russian folk song
MP3 file O, Extreme Cold Russian folk song
MP3 file Katiusha Russian popular song
MP3 file Blooming Guilder Tree (Kalina) Russian folk song
MP3 file At the Blacksmith Russian folk song
MP3 file Quips With Garmoshka
MP3 file Korobushka Russian folk song
MP3 file Shorty Russian folk song
MP3 file Moscow Nights Russian popular song
MP3 file Varenka Russian folk song
MP3 file Men`s Quips With Balalaika
MP3 file Natalia Russian folk song

Russian folk dance trio Barynya video

Russian dance
Russian folk song and dance Along the Kazanka River - Vdol' da po rechke - ("Вдоль да по речке") - Russian folk song and dance.
Along the river, along the River "Kazanka" kind young man is walking... Вдоль да по речке,вдоль да по Казанке сизый селезень плывет... read Russian folk song lyrics

Russian folk music and dance trio Barynya
Barynya dance 1 MB
Russian folk dance BARYNYA

Barynya, Barynya, Sudarynya, Barynya!
Barynya, Barynya, Sudarynya, Barynya!
Russian folk music and dance trio Barynya
Zemlyanichka 2,3 MB
Cossack's song and dance "Wild Strawberry"
(Zemlyanichka Yagodka)

Zemlyanichka yagodka
Vo boru rodilasya.
Chernobrovaya moia,
Chernoglazaya moya...
Russian folk music and dance trio Barynya
Korobeiniki 2 MB
"The Peddler" (Korobeiniki)
This lyric folk song and dance has been a Russian favorite for 150 years. A countryside peddler has a basket filled with attractive prints and brocades. At first-sight he falls in love with a pleasant girl. He is ready to lay at her feet all his worldly goods for a glance from her dark eyes and a kiss from her ruby-red-lips. Lyrics are by the great poet N. Nekrasov. "Only the dark night knows how they got on together".
Russian folk music and dance trio Barynya
Nitochka 1,9 MB
Russian step dance DROBUSHKI
"Thin Thread" Belgorod`s region folk song and dance

Oi, Nitochka tonen'kaia
Motovilitsa zelyonen'kaia
Oi duvai duvai dai, Duvai dai
Oi duvai duvai dai, Duvai dai
Russian folk music and dance trio Barynya
Shorty 1,9 MB
Shorty (Nedorostok)
Russian folk song and dance

My mother wants me to marry a short guy with bad temper
Ai, rai, ri-ra, ra ri-ra, rai ra...
Russian folk music and dance trio Barynya
Pri Luzhke 1,7 MB
Don Cossack's song and dance "By the field"

Oi, pri luzhke, pri luzhke
Vo shirokom pole
Pri znakomom tabune...
more lyrics


First official record of Russian dancing is related to year 907 when Great Russian Prince Oleg (Vechshiy Oleg) celebrated his victory over Greeks in Kiev. During the Gala Dinner 16 male dancers dressed as bears and four bears dressed as Russian dancers performed for the guests. After the dinner was over Great Prince commanded to release the bears into the wild and to execute all the dancers.

As it became clear later on, Vechshiy Oleg, who was purblind, has mistaken the dancers for the ambassadors from the Northern Tribes (Severyane) who owned him a few hundred skins of marten - Russian tiger-cat... read full article


Zhenya Shevchenko & Barynya 2008Legendary Russian Gypsy singer Zhenia Shevchenko and ensemble Barynya DVD. Concert was recorded in New York City on January 26, 2008. Fifteen performers: six dancers, three singers, six musicians. Performers: Sergey Ryabtsev - violin, Mikhail Smirnov - garmoshka, vocal, guitar, Alex Siniavski - Gypsy guitar, balalaika, Alexander Menshikov - Russian Gypsy singer, tambourine, Leonid Bruk - balalaika-contrabass, Gennady Gutkin - bayan, Lev Zabeginsky - balalaika, Andrij Cybyk - dancer, choreographer, Ganna Makarova - dancer, Olga Chpitalnaia - dancer, Vitaliy Verterich - dancer, choreographer, Valentina Kvasova - dancer, singer, Mikhail Nesterenko - dancer, Victoria Pichurova - singer, Gabriel Yakubov - Gypsy dancer. Musical instruments: Balalaika, garmoshka, bayan, violin, balalaika-contrabass, Gypsy guitar, Russian 7 string guitar. Program of Russian Gypsy songs, music, Russian, Gypsy, Cossack and Ukrainian folk dancing... more info, video samples, order

Barynya Ohio 2007This DVD was recorded at live performance of Russian music and dance ensemble Barynya (Artistic Director/Founder Mikhail Smirnov) in Lakeside, Ohio at the Hoover Auditorium in July 2007. List of performers: Mikhail Smirnov - vocal, garmoshka, guitar , Alex Siniavski - balalaika, Gypsy guitar, musical director , Andrij Cybyk - dancer, choreographer , Valentina Kvasova - dance captain, dancer , Leonid Bruk - balalaika contrabass , Alexander Menshikov - singer, tambourine , Victoria Pichurova - singer , Natalia Ejova - dancer , Natia Rtveliashvili - dancer , Stefan Kuziw - dancer , Alex Sizov - dancer.... more info, videoclips, order

Barynya Wisconsin 2006This DVD is from live performance of Russian dance, song and music ensemble Barynya from the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin in October 2006. PROGRAM: Russian, Gypsy, Cossack, Ukrainian traditional dances, folk and popular songs, virtuoso performances on musical instruments with explanation of the program in English. INSTRUMENTS: balalaika, garmoshka, contrabass, buben, Gypsy and classic guitars... more info, videoclips, order

New York based Russian Folk Song and Dance Ensemble Barynya DVD coverNew York based Russian folk dance and music ensemble Barynya, 2004. Russian folk dances, songs, virtuoso performances on balalaika, bass-balalaika and garmoshka. Runtime: 1 hour, cover art: Anna Nagorskaya
more info, videoclips, order

Russian folk dance and music trio Barynya Ensemble Barynya, 1998. Live performance in cabaret "Moscow", Lexington Ave/54 street, New York City. Russian, Cossack, Ukrainian, Klezmer music and dances. Runtime: about 35 minutes.
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Russian, Cossack, Ukrainian and Gypsy dance DVDRuntime: 60 minutes. On this DVD ensemble Barynya dancers are performing Russian, Cossack, Gypsy and Ukranian folk dances including "Kalinka", "Katyusha", "Barynya", "Two Guitars" and others. more info, videoclips, order


Russian, Russian Gypsy, Russian Cossack, Ukrainian, Russian Siberian stage costumes for professional performances made by Russian costumes designer Svetlana Gavrilova.... see pictures


09-22-2012, Soho House in Meatpacking District, New York, NY

Elina Karokhina, Mikhail Smirnov, and dancer Valentina Kvasova performed during kid's party at the Soho House in NYC Meatpacking District (9th Ave. betw 13th and 14th Streets), 29-35 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10014 on Saturday, September 22nd, 2012, from 4:30 to 5:30pm.

09-22-2012, Elina Karokhina (balalaika), Mikhail Smirnov (guitar, garmoshka, vocals), 09-22-2012, Saturday September 22nd 2012, Soho House,, Meatpacking District, New York, NY
09-22-2012, Kid's birthday party at the Soho House, Meatpacking District, New York, NY



Barynya - Russian music, song and dance ensemble from New York is a unique group of top soloists: musicians, singers and dancers who were trained and performed with Don Cossacks of Rostov, Andreev State symphonic balalaika orchestra, Moscow State center of "Russian Song"

Russian dancers from San Fransisco

The Russian Collection Dance Ensemble from San Francisco, California provides a selection of thrilling and colorful Russian folk dancing, enchanting Russian folk music, and Russian magical illusions. Group was founded in 1945 and has performed in Europe, Asia, North and South America

Russian dancers Toronto Canada

Revival - Russian dance ensemble from Toronto Canada is available in Canada and the United States of America to provide live entertainment for corporate events, parties, weddings, and all other events. Artistic Director Ekaterina Kornienkova

Russian, Moldovan, Ukrainian, Gypsy and Jewish folk dance

Canary dance ensemble from Los Angeles, California performs Russian, Moldovan, Ukrainian, Gypsy, Armenian and Jewish folk traditional dances

Russian traditional dance and music program

Russian traditional dance and music program NY, NJ, CT, PA, MD designed for smaller budget venues with limites space for the dancing. 3 dancers, 1 musician perform Russian, Cossack, Ukrainian, Siberian folk dances, songs and music... more Russian dance ensembles

Traditional Russian costumes for children and adults for sale

Traditional Russian costumes for children and adults for sale
Traditional Russian costumes for children and adults for sale

Black cats dressed in Russian folk costumes with balalaikas

Russian folk costume designer Svetlana Gavrilova has made a set of black cats dressed in Russian costumes with balalaikas. To view all photos you may need to join Balalaika Group on Google Network.

Svetlana Gavrilova: Balalaika cats dressed in Russian folk costumes
to view all cats with balalaikas dressed in Russian folk costumes

More Russian traditional music ensembles for hire

Barynya   Barynya - Russian folk music and dance ensemble from New York established in 1991. Russian, Tsygansky (Russian Gypsy Roma), Cossack, Ukrainian traditional dances, songs, virtuoso performances on musical instruments (balalaika, garmoshka, bayan, domra, balalaika-contrabass) with explanation of the program in English (by hallinan at tf). Artistic Director Mikhail Smirnov.

Chicago Cossacks   Chicago Cossacks - Russian music and song ensemble from Chicago, Illinois

balalaika Orchestra   New York Balalaika Orchestra is usually invited to play at Russian Orthodox weddings, fundraising balls, large scale social events, presentations, Doctor Zhivago's style corporate parties in New York Tri-State area

"VIA ROMEN"   VIA ROMEN - Russian Gypsy Roma traditional music and dance ensemble . Artistic director Vadim Kolpakov.

Tum Balalaika   Tum Balalaika - Russian, Jewish, Ukranian, Gypsy band from Chicago, Illinois

Russian dance and music duo
 Russian Dance & Music Duo from New York performs in traditional costumes. Program of Russian Cossack Ukrainian and Tsygansky (Russian Gypsy Roma) folk songs, music and dances. Affordable price. Duo is available for Arts in education programs, concerts, convention promotions, media appearances, private parties, special events, theme engagements, weddings, etc.

Brooklyn Balalaikas
  Brooklyn Balalaikas -Russian Folk Music Trio from Brooklyn, New York. Artistic Director Leonid Bruk.

Cossack Spirit
 Cossack Spirit - Cossack song, music and dance trio from New York founded by dancer and singer Valentina Kvasova, singer Victoria Pichurova and Russian button accordion virtuoso Victor Danilochkin in 2007. Ensemble performs Cossack folk music, songs and dances. All members of the group are highly trained in former USSR performers.

Brooklyn Klezmer Music Band   Old Red Wine - Klezmer, Yiddish, Russian dixieland band from Brooklyn, New York. Artistic Director Shlomo Leiderman.

Svetlana Smirnova and Yury Selivanov  Svetlana Smirnova and Yury Selivanov - Honored performers of Russia - Moscow, Russia

Kalinka Duo  Kalinka Duo - Sergey Vashchenko- balalaika, Vladimir Kaliazine- bayan, Austin, TX

Zabava  Zabava - Russian folk ethnographic group from Saratov, Russia

  Tryn-Trava - Russian Folk group from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Elina Karokhina & Barynya
Elina Karokhina & Barynya. Balalaika music album
Balalaika music album

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