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Armenian Oriental Dancer Aziza Al-Tawil from North Carolina

Aziza Al-Tawil Born in NYC to Greektown NYC dance star Johanna and composer/actor/recording artist Samir Al-Tawil. Johanna began belly dancing at the urging of fellow "Alexandro's Studio" regular Carol Dinicu, who had just started her belly dance career as "Morocco." Both girls had been in Flamenco, and Johanna and her first husband Bill, had also been in Ballet, Tap and Adagio in their own act which toured the U.S. As ballet dancers, Johanna and Bill were in The Charleston Ballet (WV) and the Dade Ballet (Miami) and were often given scholarships to study with the masters of Ballet and Flamenco. Their Flamenco "Masters" included, Paco Cansino (Rita Hayworth's uncle), Juan Martinez and Antonita, Tony Alba, and Lola Bravo. In "Mid East Dance", Johanna found a special niche, and was the first dancer from Greektown to found a dance company on the outside devoted to this genre ("Johanna's Oasis Ballet," which also featured her husband, now called "Turhan", dancer "Aiyupa," Turkish Albanian oud virtuoso "Baba Ajdin Aslan," and Turkish singing star/recording artist Lutfi Guneri.

Aziza Al-Tawil All members danced and sang in different languages, and enjoyed great success with Americans and foreigners alike, starred in "Tayoun's Mahrajan" in NJ, Waldorf Astoria "Ball of the Year" and other events around the NE. Tragedy occurred when Lutfi Guneri died after sustaining injuries in a car wreck one night after leaving a club. "Oasis" was set to perform in Indonesia at the special request of Sukarno Gov't and tour Japan when it disbanded suddenly due to the sad dissolution of Johanna and Turhan's marriage. The impact of "Oasis" was not lost as a young man named Ibrahim "Bobby" Farrah had seen their dance photos in exhibit at the University of PA at Philadelphia when Johanna was honored by their dance dept. for her "important work in the field of Middle Eastern Dance." Seeing Turhan, Bobby was "inspired" and said that he "realized that a man could make it in the ME Dance scene" which up to that time had been for solo females only in clubs. Bobby remained a friend of Johanna's for years. Johanna was one of the favorite American born dancers along with Serena, Morocco, and other talented girls who performed in Greektown craze (Saliha, a Turkish dancer, was the MAIN TRUE STAR OF GREEKTOWN at the time).

Aziza Al-Tawil Johanna performed in ethnic clubs for about twenty years until her retirement. Samir Al-Tawil was an oud player from Damascus whose talent for singing led to a stint with the Lebanese Radio Orchestra and parts in Arabic language films including the lead role in a bio-pic of Persian poet Omar Khayyam. He recorded albums and performed in many clubs and taught music for a time at the University of Cairo in the 1970's. His song "Linda Linda" was a hit in many countries and discoteques in Egypt. Samir was Arabic/Armenian and was a cousin of the late comedian Danny Thomas, the founder of St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital in Memphis. He was also a cousin of the late child actress Anissa Jones who enjoyed fame on the 60's hit sitcom "Family Affair" and co-starred in the Elvis film "The Trouble with Girls." Tawils are said to be descendants of King David.

Aziza Al-Tawil While Johanna and Samir were married they performed with each other at different venues around NYC and appeared together on Saudi TV at the request of Prince Obeid Turjoman who was graduating from Columbia School of Broadcasting. After Johanna and Samir's "break-up," Johanna raised me alone with the love and support of her many friends in Greektown and Brooklyn's Arab community on Atlantic Ave. Johanna was an album "cover girl" for two record companies and, ironically, shop owners always placed her records next to those of Samir's.

Born to two talented parents-raised by one-it was my destiny to follow in their footsteps-the way of the "smoky tavernas" and "oriental cabarets"-the places that reminded a special generation of immigrants to the U.S. of the "old country." I was discovered at the age of one by the manager of "The Parthenon" while my mother was performing in Houston.

Aziza Al-Tawil I made my debut as a solo act in Houston and each night the audience was amazed at my repertoire of moves that included hip sways, shimmies, spins, veil work, and darbucky and tambourine playing. A Houston area jeweler gave me my first gifts from fans. I added "zil" (finger cymbal playing) by age two. Since that time I have performed extensively throughout the U.S. in major cities like NYC, Boston, Allentown, PA, Orlando, Charleston, WV and Blacksburg, VA. From the age of six through thirteen I was a regular guest on the "Turkish Voice" TV show which broadcast on the "Wometco Network" (the now legendary channel 68 in NJ) in NY, NJ and PA and Ankara, Turkey. The show was produced by the Feniks of Turkish airlines and tourism board. The Wometco network had an eclectic lineup and was a broadcast innovator at the time. Co-stars on the show over the years included Johanna, Jemile Biljin, Alexandra and Farhat Alpar, singing star "Princess Cihan Isik" of Turkey and Iraq, and professor Talat Halman, Ambassador of Culture from Turkey to the UN at the time.

Aziza Al-Tawil Over the years I had the extreme "bliss" of being accompanied live by some of the most talented and greatest legends in belly dance music including "Baba" Ajdin Aslan ("In an Egyptian Garden"), Freddy Elias ("Strictly Belly Dancing"), Anesto Athanasou ("Concerto for Bouzouki"), Mitch Kaltsunas, Harry Bedrosian, George Kaminaris, Dennis Chritikos, Mike Gregian, etc. Some of the nightspots I have performed in include: The Parthenon, Houston, The Aziza Club and The Sindbad, Brooklyn, NY, The Green Valley, The Paradise Oriental Restaurant, Sagapo Greek Restaurant, The Aegean, and the "original" Sirocco, Manhattan, NY, The Beirut, Allentown, PA, The Averof, Cambridge, MA, The Olympia, Orlando, FL, and many others whose names have been forgotten.

Aziza Al-Tawil I have also entertained at country clubs, festivals, block parties, street fairs, and churches in various cities. College performances include: VA Tech, Blacksburg, VA, Morris Harvey, Charleston, WV, and Barnard, NY. I was especially requested by members of the Art Students League in Manhattan to pose for them in my beautiful costumes-the resulting artworks being displayed in the Soho Art District. I performed with my mother Johanna in a special "Command Performance" at the Fashion Institute of Technology and we modeled different costume designs from our own personal line in a "fashion show" there. Some of my dance specialties are classic "Cifte Telli," traditional style "veil and scarf dance", Turkish Gypsy "Karsilama", authentic sword dance (martial) "Al- Ard", a variety of Middle Eastern and Greek international folk/line dances like Kasop/Hassapiko/Hora, Syrto-Cifte Telli, and Laz/Laziko (Black Sea Dance with Firepot).

Aziza Al-Tawil I've never been a "joiner" and never get too involved in "cliques"-just enjoy performing the ethnic style that is in my blood-for it is our heart and our core that lends a true meaning to this dance and expresses it within its true context. I have pleased audiences from many walks of life from across the globe with this philosophy of presentation.

Aziza Al-Tawil does not perform at men only, bachelor or private one on one parties.


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Aziza Al-Tawil

Aziza Al-Tawil

Aziza Al-Tawil

Aziza Al-Tawil

Aziza Al-Tawil

Aziza Al-Tawil

Aziza Al-Tawil

Aziza Al-Tawil

Aziza Al-Tawil

Aziza Al-Tawil

Aziza Al-Tawil

Aziza Al-Tawil

Aziza Al-Tawil


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