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Russian DJ ALEX from Philadelphia, PA

Bilingual DJ ALEX is available for your party in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. Instead of hiring expensive Russian Band you can hire DJ ALEX instead and save big money!

DJ ALEX was born in SOCHI, RUSSIA. From early childhood his favorite music was Russian popular dance music. In 1992 his dream came true. ALEX moved to the United States of America (PHILADELPHIA) where he started successful DJ career. He was selected as NUMBER ONE best-priced Russian DJ in Pennsylvania by Philadelphia's "SPUTNIK" Russian review in 2001: "ALEX has a sophisticated mix of Russian dance music, Gypsy Jazz, Disco, Latino, Tribal for every party or wedding!" (translated from Russian).

Ди-Джей АЛЕКС родился в СОЧИ. "В городе Сочи темные ночи". С самого раннего детства он полюбил русскую популярную музыку. В 1992 году Ди-Джей АЛЕКС перебрался в ФИЛАДЕЛЬФИЮ где и начал свою успешную карьеру ДИ-ДЖЕЯ. Горячая смесь всех оттенков музыки от цыганской, Disco и Latino до Tribal и Русской - это его неповторимый стиль...


To get the price quote, ask any questions please send an email to or call (201) 981-2497.

Wedding photo -$550, Wedding video - $550
Photo and video packages for only $950
Weddings and parties in NYC, NY, NJ

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Best wedding video and photo package in NYC
Photo $550, video $550, photo & video package - $950!
Weddings, private and corporate events, festivals
New York City, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut.
For more details call 201-981-2497 or email


To get the price quote, ask any questions please send an email to or call (201) 981-2497.

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video photo NY NJ CT PA
video photo New York New Jersey Connecticut Pennsylvania
weddings and parties

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