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Vadim Kolpakov and VIA ROMEN videos

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Vadim Kolpakov and Via Romen Vengerka Two Guitars Russian-Romany (Gypsy)

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On tour with Madonna: Madonna ft. Kolpakov Trio La Isla Bonita+Le la pala tute

On tour with Madonna: The Kolpakov Trio "Doli, doli" Madonna's world tour "Sticky&Sweet" 2008, Buenos Aires, Argentina

On tour with Madonna: Madonna & Kolpakov Trio. Slide show. Tour "Sticky & Sweet", 2008

Fantasy - Фантазия, Romani (Gypsy) 7-string guitar

Russian Romani (Gypsy) tap dance "Vengerka"

Trad. Russian Romani (Gypsy) song: Prikhayape/Tired of fight

On tour with Madonna: Vadim thanks Madonna

Kolpakov Trio / Russian-Romani ensemble

KOLPAKOV TRIO on Madonna's tour Sticky&Sweet_Florian's edit

Moskovskie okna. Russian Gypsy Jazz. Duo Zingaresca.

С.Орехов "Ехали цыгане". Тимофеев and Колпаков.

Gypsy Klezmer concert (video 01)

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Gypsy Klezmer concert (video 02)

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Gypsy Klezmer concert (video 03)

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Via Romen (audio demo)
Vengerka (Vadim & Sasha Kolpakov)
Prikhayape (Vadim and Kolpakov Trio)
Malyarka (Vadim Kolpakov and Via Romen)
Fantasy by Sasha Kolpakov (Vadim and Via Romen)
Ekhali Tsygane (Vadim Kolpakov and O.Timofeyev)


Acoustic Gypsy Guitars Duo
  Gypsy Guitars Duo plays Gypsy Romani, Spanish-Flamenco, jazz, pop covers, lounge, Latin dance, club music, and performs Russian-Gypsy songs and dances. videos

  VIA ROMEN - traditional music and dance ensemble. Artistic Director Vadim Kolpakov

Vasily Romani Gypsy band New York
  Vasily Romani Gypsy Band - music and dance show from New York City, New York. Artistic director Vasily Yankovich

Timofeyev and Kolpakov
  Timofeyev and Kolpakov - 7-string guitar duo specializes in the traditional music, songs and dances of the Russian and Roma (Gypsy) tradition. They perform ancient Gypsy melodies, heartfelt lyrical romansy, accompanied by the Russian Gypsy 7-string guitar.

Nina and Isaac Danchenko
  Nina and Isaac Danchenko - famous violin duo from Brooklyn, New York

Svetlana Yankovsky
  Svetlana Yankovskaya - Honored Performer of Russia, singer and dancer

Vasily Yankovich
  Vasily Yankovich from New York was named the best Roma (Gypsy) singer in the United States

  Valentina - Gypsy singer and dancer from New York. video

Fortune-teller Pirozhka
  Pirozhka - Roma (Gypsy) fortune teller from New York City.

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