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Samaia Legend of the Caucasus - Georgian Dance and music show

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Amazing Georgia "Samaia Legend of the Caucasus" - Georgian Dance and music show performed by a cast of singers and dancers from the Caucasus region of the Georgian Republic. Sword fighting meets ballet as ancient tales are re-enacted through the brilliant art of Georgian dancing and singing. The breathtaking pageantry of colorful costumes, traditional dance, drumming, songs, chants and sets weaves a multi-hued tapestry of the areas culture. "Samaia Legend of the Caucasus" is a music and dance show which has deserved world recognition. The latest advancements in the show-making technology went into putting this worlds major multimillion-budget musical choreographic sensation on stage. The show, retracing the centuries-old history of the arts of dance and music in Georgia and the rest of the Caucasus, is appropriately considered a truly stunning musical event. Every intricate twist of ancient tales is re-enacted through the brilliant art of Georgian dancers, performers and singers. This magic, reinforced by the breath-taking pageantry of colorful costumes and sets, incredible lighting and unreal sound, weaves a majestic multihued tapestry of the culture of the Caucasus a feast for the eyes of the spectators and the triumph for Georgian Legend on the world stage. "Samaia Legend of the Caucasus" (Russian: ) will make you catch your breath with its live music, delightful singing, fiery and lyrical dancing, an ultimate combination of brilliant stage costumes, tuneful arrangement and superb production. This is the absolute must-see!

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Amazing Georgia. Georgian dance and music show
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Contact information: phone/text: (201) 981-2497 / email

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Barynya Entertainment was established in 1991. Cabaret, Vegas, can-can, musicians, singers, masters of ceremonies, wedding bands, disc jockeys, jazz, storytellers, folk dance troupes, traditional music ensembles, Bellydancers, Jewish, Ukrainian, Gypsy, one-man-bands.

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is the biggest Russian dance and music company outside of Russia. Barynya performs Russian, Gypsy, Cossack, Jewish and Ukrainian traditional dances, songs and music with live accompaniment of balalaika, domra, garmoshka, Gypsy guitar, bayan and contrabass balalaika

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