Russian Adoption Reunion-2017, Great Wolf Lodge in Garden Grove, California

Russian Adoption Reunion-2017. Great Wolf Lodge in Garden Grove, California. Russian dancers, musicians, singers

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Russian dance, song and music ensemble Barynya performed 30 min concert during Russian Adoption Reunion-2017 event at the Great Wolf Lodge in Garden Grove, California on Saturday, July 22, 2017. Exact address of the venue: Great Wolf Lodge, 12681 Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92840. The program of the performance included Russian traditional dance "Barynya", Russian folk button accordion garmoshka (Russian: Гармошка) introduction with traditional Russian song "Saturday Affair" ("Subboteya"), Russian traditional Khorovod song and dance "The Snowstorm" (dancer Alisa Egorova), introduction of the Russian traditional string instrument balalaika (instrumental solo of folk tune "Kamarinskaiya" (solo Elina Karokhina), Cossack marching song and dance "Pri Luzhke" (solo Mikhail Smirnov), Russian Jewish wedding dance with Candles ("Свечка"), Russian Roma (Romani) Gypsy song and dance "Dark Eyes" (Russian: Очи чёрные - Цыганский), Russian Tongue-Twisters Medley (Russian: "Скороговорки"), Felt Boots ("Валенки"), Ukrainian folk song and dance "Pidmanula" - "You Tricked Me" ("Украинский"), "Sabre Dance" ("Танец с саблями"), Russian folk dance "Kalinka" (Russian: Калинка), and other selections. Dancers Arthur Sangueli and Lilia Babenko performed Moldavian, Gypsy and Russian folk dances. Ensemble Barynya is available for hire for Performing Art Centers, school assemblies, festivals, colleges, universities, libraries, concert halls, restaurants, private and corporate events as one powerful ensemble or in smaller groups.

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Lilia Babenko, Elina Karokhina, Alisa Egorova, Mikhail Smirnov, Russian Adoption Reunion-2017, Great Wolf Lodge, Garden Grove, California


Bilingual Russian MC tamada entertainment and DJ services in California: Birthday party in Los Angeles, Wedding at the Royal Palace Banquet Hall in Glendale, Russian-American wedding at the Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica. Dancers, musicians, and singers of Barynya ensemble in United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Chihuahua, Mexico, Birmingham, UK, Sydney, Australia, Toronto, Canada, Anchorage, Alaska, Alameda, California (CA), Altadena, CA (2013), Altadena, CA (2017), Belmont, CA, Сamarillo, CA, Сeres, CA, Chatsworth, CA, Coalinga, CA, Corcoran, CA, Crescent City, CA, El Monte, CA, Farmersville, CA, Fresno, CA, Russian Adoption Reunion at the Great Wolf Lodge in Garden Grove, California, Georgetown, CA, Hanford, CA, Happy Camp, CA, Hayward, CA, Hidden Valley Lake, CA, Hillsborough, CA, Kenwood, CA, Lincoln, CA, Lomarica, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Los Gatos, CA, Los Gatos-2019, Meadow Vista, CA, Mendota, CA, Moreno Valley, CA, Oceanside, CA, Oxnard, CA, Pasadena, CA, Placerville, CA, Port Hueneme, CA, Poway, CA, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, Ripon, CA, Roseville, CA, Sacramento, CA, Salida, CA, San Jose, CA, San Leandro, CA, San Mateo, CA, Santa Ana, CA, Santa Barbara, CA, Santa Rosa, CA, Seiad Valley, CA, Spring Valley, CA, Sun Valley, CA, Sunnyvale, CA, Temecula, CA, Thousand Oaks, CA (2013), Thousand Oaks, CA (2017), Tracy, CA, Turlock, CA, Ukiah, CA, Walnut Creek, CA, West Hills, CA, Windsor, CA, Yreka, CA, Yuba City, CA

Contact information: phone/text: (201) 981-2497 / email

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