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Jazz piano player from New York City Roman Ivanoff

Roman Ivanoff Jazz piano player, composer, arranger from New York City Roman Ivanoff (Russian: Роман Иванов), leader of New York Jazz Band, freelance musician, who plays keyboard and percussions. Roman plays traditional jazz standards with his New York Jazz Band, and folk music with Barynya, New York based folk dance and music ensemble. Roman Ivanoff is easily could be spotted at New York City's jazz clubs playing and jamming with the best jazz musicians in the Big Apple.

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Andrei Ryabov's Original Compposition "July". recorded in St. Petersburg, Russia. JFC Jazz Club, January 2008. Ruslan Khain (c-bass), Roman Ivanoff (piano), Alexander Lukashin (drums), Andrei Ryabov (guitar).

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Van Nostrand Theatre, Suffolk College, Brentwood, NY, October 4th, 2009
Concert with ensemble Barynya

Cast: Kagarov sisters, Mikhail Smirnov (vocals, garmoshka), Alexander Menshikov (vocals), Lev Zabeginsky (balalaika), Leonid Bruk (balalaika contrabass), Roman Ivanoff (percussions), Serge Rogozin (balalaika), Yan Khmel (bayan), Irina Zagornova (vocals), Dancers: Alexey Maltsev, Danila Sherstobitov, Aliaksandr Anatska, Alexander Rudoy, Valentina Kvasova, Olga Chpitalnaia, Ksenya Hentisz, Olga Yeliseyeva.

Barynya concert on Sunday, October 4th, 2009 at  Suffolk County Community College, Van Nostrand Theatre, Crooked Hill Road, Brentwood, New York
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Russian "Two Step Dance"

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Barynya concert in Brentwood, New York 2009
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