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Ensemble Barynya concert program - text only

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01. "SUBBOTEYA" ("" - Saturday Affair) - Russian folk song. In this song young girl explains to her boyfriend how he should behave: "You have to bring me gifts, take me out all the time, you should not kiss me, but only hug".
02. "BARYNYA" ("") - original Russian folk dance with short "Chastushki" (four line folk verses). It was the first number in the program that was presented by ensemble back in 1991. The Barynya dance is an alternation of limericks and frenetic dancing. The content is always humoristic. The dancing consists mainly of fancy stomping and traditional Russian squat work. In old times in Russia the word "Barynya" (Landlady) was used by simple folks as a form of addressing to a woman of higher class.
03. "DEVOCHKA NADYA" (" " - Nadya, Little Girl) - Russian Two Step dance performed by musicians (instrumental). Solo on Russian folk instrument balalaika.
04. "NANAITSY" (" " - Fight of two kids) - idea of this dance belong to Igor Alexandrovich Moiseyev, famous Russian choreographer (1906-2007). The sumo-style kind of wrestling match is the favorite sport of the Nanai people who inhabit the frigid Northern region of Russia. This dance has a very special secret that will be revealed in the end of the performance.
05. "METELITSA" ("" - The Snowstorm) - traditional Russian song and dance.
"...Snowstorm is blowing along the street, My sweetheart is walking there, Please stop, do not walk, dear!, Let me look at you, my joy!..."
06. "KOROBUSHKA" ("" - The Peddlers) - Russian favorite folk song. Lyrics are by the great Russian poet Nekrasov. A countryside peddler has a basket filled with attractive prints and brocades. At first-sight he falls in love with a pleasant girl. He is ready to lay at her feet all his worldly goods for a glance from her dark eyes and a kiss from her ruby-red-lips.
07. "YABLOCHKO" ("" - Sailors' Dance) - this world famous dance was performed by many Russian troupes for international audiences all over the world. The dance represents genre of "Socialist Realism". Socialist Realism began as a popular movement in the Soviet Union, attracting a general audience by representing so called "real life". In the effort to connect performing arts to the Soviet life style, artists, composers and writers looked for themes and plot lines from Soviet life and history. Stories that showed workers promoting socialism were prized by Stalin, Khrushev, Brezhnev and most of the Communists Party of USSR leaders. Dance of Russian Sailors ("Yablochko") remained in the repertory of Soviet companies for decades.
08. "EI, UKHNEM" (", !" - Volga Boatmen) - well-known traditional Russian song. It is a genuine barge-haulers' shanty. The song, also called The Volga Burlak's Song. The song has been a favourite concert piece of Russian singers. American jazz musician Glenn Miller took the song to #1 in the US charts in 1941.
09. "KAZACHIY" (" " - Cossack dance) - Cossack songs and dance. Kazaki are better known outside of Russia as Cossacks (Turkish word meaning Outlaw, Adventurer or freebooter/freeman). The Don Cossacks had their own independent republic for most of the 17th century, and in 1835 reached an agreement with the Russian czar, according to which they would provide him with highly trained soldiers in return for land and special privileges. Kazaki (Cossacks) are first mentioned in the 15th century as freedom-loving exserfs, Tatars and descendants of Scythian warriors living on the open plains of southern Ukraine and Russia's Don River basin. Many Hollywood movies depict fearless, captivating warriors, quite lively, dancing with their sabers.
10. "SVETIT MESYATS" (" " - Shining Moon) - variations on Russian folk song: "The Moon Is Shining Brightly" (sometimes translated as "The New Moon is Lighting") written by the "Father of Russian Balalaika" Vasily Vasileyevich Andreyev (1861-1918). Instrumental.
...The moon is shining, shining brightly
The white nightfall is shining too,
My pathway is eliminated
All the way to the dear's house...
11. "OCHI CHERNYE" (" " - Dark Eyes) - popular Russian Gypsy traditional song.

Dark eyes, burning eyes
Frightful and beautiful eyes
I love you so, I fear you so
For sure I've seen you at a sinister hour

Dark eyes, flaming eyes
They implore me into faraway lands
Where love reigns, where peace reigns
Where there is no suffering, where war is forbidden
(costume character#3 "Gypsy Fortune Teller")
12. "GOPAK" ("" - Hopak) - national dance of Ukraine is also referred to as Gopak or Cossack dance. Hopak has been incorporated into larger artistic opuses such as operas and ballets.
13. "VDOL' PO PITERSKOI" (" " - Along The Piterskaya) - popular Russian folk song.
14. "DANILA COOPER" (" " - Daniel Cooper) - dance of the Russian Nobility during Napoleonic wars (1803-1815).
15. "PODMOSKOVNYE VECHERA", "KATYUSHA" (" ", "" - Moscow Nights, Katyusha) - two popular Russian songs. (Instrumental)
16. "EVREISKAYA SVAD'BA" (" " - Jewish wedding in Odessa") - Jewish wedding dance from Odessa region of Ukraine.
17. "DOROGOY DLINNOYU" (" " - The Long Road) - popular Russian song. Music B. Fomin (~1800), lyrics K. Podrevsky: "By the long way in full moon light with that song that's calling me far away".
18. IVAN KUPALA (" ") - is a dance inspired by celebration of "Ivan Kupala" Day in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.
19. KAMARINSKAYA ("") - popular Russian traditional dance. (Instrumental)
(costume character#4 "Dancing Bear")
20. "DVE GITARY" (" " - Two Guitars) - famous Russian Gypsy song and dance.
"Beyond the wall two guitars Sorrowfully wailed...
That memorable tune from childhood:
Darling, is that you?
Ekh, once, then once again,
And still many, many more times..."
21. "KAY YONE" (" " - Where are they?) - fast dance of Roma Gypsies.
22. "STENKA RAZIN" - (" ") - an ancient folksong about the famous Cossack brigand STEPAN (Stenka) RAZIN who went to war against Russian Tsar.
23. "KALINKA" ("" - Guelder-Rose Tree)- the most famous Russian folk song and dance.

Juniper, juniper, juniper, my juniper,
In the garden there's the berry, my raspberry.

Under the pine, under the green pine,
Lay me down to sleep

Oh you dear pine, oh you green pine,
Don't you rustle so loud over me

Beautiful maid, dear maid,
Please fall in love with me!

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Anya Zeenenko and Boulat Moukhametov performing Russian dance Trepak from "Nutcracker" ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky during Aspen Santa Fe Ballet company's winter tour 2010.

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