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email: / phone: (201) 981-2497

Photo $550, video $550, photo & video package $950 weddings, parties NYC, NY, NJ, CT


Circus Act of Group Jugglers
  Circus Act of Group Jugglers - four professional circus artist from Russia. Available for cruise ships, casinos, all kind of private and corporate events, restaurants, clubs, and festivals. video

Female Acrobatic Trio
  Female Acrobatic Trio is available for cruise ships, casinos, all kind of private and corporate events, restaurants, clubs, and festivals. Female Acrobatic Trio can perform on all platforms at any ceiling height.

Alex Brooks
  Alex Brooks - facepainting, circus magic show for kids' parties in San Francisco, California.

Bubble Acrobats Contortionists
  Bubble Acrobats Contortionists for hire in New York City, New York, New Jersey, CT, PA, and other states.

  Padoclav - 11 fire performers, solo fire performances, walkabout jugglers, stilt-walkers, fire-eaters, fully choreographed group fire show. video

Magician Alex
  Magic show by Alex video

Trio of acrobats
  Trio of acrobats led by Sergi Postenskiy. video

Equilibre on stairs
  Equilibre on stairs, Artur Yapparov and Boulat Mukhamadiev. video

Clown Andrei
  Clown Andrei is performing with his wife contortionist Natasha, and trained dog Kirill. video

Clown Arkadiy
  Clown Arkadiy is performing with his trained dog for Kid's parties, other private and corporate events in New York City, Brooklyn, Staten Island, The Bronx, Queens, Long Island, some parts of CT, NJ, PA and other states.

contortionist Natasha
  Contortionist Natasha - "The Cube" act is listed in the "Guinness World Records". Natasha gets inside of the cube (404040sm) and closes the door behind her

Julia Fire Act NYC
  Fire Act NYC - fire dancer, fire eater, fire performer from New York City Julia. video

Anna Hula Hoop Long Island
  Aerialist Anna from Long Island, New York. video

Anna Hula Hoop Long Island
  Anna J. - Hula Hoop Long Island. video

Aerial Hammock
  Aerial Hammock - New York City, New York, NJ, CT, MD, PA and other states. video

Female Piano and Vocal Duo
  Alessia and Ilaria - Female Piano and Vocal Duo. video

Aerial Spiral
  "Aerial Spiral" - circus artist Anna S. from New York City, NY, NJ, CT. video

Hula Hoop NYC
  Hula Hoop - NYC, NY, NJ, CT. video

Circus HandStand Act Orlando Florida
  Equilibrist-Handstand - circus HandStand Act by Victor from Orlando, Florida. video

New York Circus Entertainment by Fiodor Tulbur
  New York Circus Entertainment by Fiodor Tulbur - martial arts, fire breathing, yoga, children's entertainment, juggling, stilt walking, circus Workshops, unicycling. Stage shows, side shows, roving entertainment, and customized performances.

Gina DeFreitas
  Aerial Silks artist Gina DeFreitas from New York. video

Alexander Lemeshev Glass Harp
  Glass Harp virtuoso Alexander Lemeshev from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Glass harp is the instrument that none of the guests has ever enjoyed listening to. Both unusual and beautiful, the sound of singing wine glasses creates an unforgettable impression on the listeners. Anybody can try playing the instrument, anybody can make the glasses on the table sound. However it is only a true professional who is able to perform masterpieces of the world's music on wine glasses. video

Fire show NYC
  Fire show NYC - fire eater, fire breather from New York City is available for hire in New Jersey, Connectucut, Pennsylvania and NY.

Party Ostrich
  "Party Ostrich" - costumed character, New York City. video

Sex Bomb
  "Sex Bomb" - costumed character for party entertainment NYC, NY, NJ, CT, PA, Washington D.C., and other states.

Dancing Robots
  Dancing Robots are available for hire in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania for kids parties, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, private and corporate events, etc. video

Gypsy fortune teller
  Gypsy fortune teller costume character will dance with guests, take photos, or do the furtune-telling. video

  Chicken dances Hip Hop, Breakdance, "Chicken dance", tap, Gypsy, Flamenko, bellydance, Russian Cossack or other type of dancing. There is a professional dancer who is hiding inside of the costume. video

Gypsy dancer
  Gypsy dancer - costumed character from NYC

  Bear Mascot is available for hire in New York, New Jersey, Connceticut, Pennsylvania and other states. "The Bear" Costume Character is available for a short character visits, walk arounds, posing for photographs. video

Nanai Sumo Wrestling Kids
  Nanai Sumo Wrestling Kids dance choreographed by Igor Moiseyev. The sumo-style kind of wrestling match is the favorite sport of the Nanai people who inhabit the frigid Arctic region of Russia. This dance has a y special secret that will be revealed in the end of the performance. Great number for all ages. Kids will love this dance and the secret part of it. video

Ded Moroz for hire
  Ded Moroz (Russian Santa) for hire in NJ, NYC, CT, NY. video

Kids Party Entertainment
  Kids Party Entertainment - circus, costumed charachters. New York City, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania. Private parties, festivals, schools. Affordable prices.. video

Equilibrium Balancing Andrei
  Equilibrium - Balancing Act by Professional Circus Artist Andrei.. video

New York City best video and photo package deal - $950!
$550 wedding videography, $550 photo, $950 photo & video package.
Weddings, private and corporate events in New York City, NJ, CT, PA.
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email: / phone: (201) 981-2497

Barynya Entertainment established in 1991 (on-line since 1998). Cabaret, Vegas, can-can, musicians, singers, masters of ceremonies, folk dancers, wedding bands, disc jockeys, jazz, storytellers, folk dance troupes, traditional music ensembles, Bellydancers, Jewish, Ukrainian, Gypsy, one-man-bands.

Alex Sizov Entertainment
hula hoop, erotic, cowgirls

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video photo NY NJ CT PA
video photo New York New Jersey Connecticut Pennsylvania
weddings and parties
Belly dancers, Middle Eastern Dancers, Snake Dancers
Middle Eastern Dancers, Bellydance, Snake Dance

Key Orchestra NJ
New Jersey live wedding music band Atlantic City

Special events rental space Soho, Manhattan, NYC, Spring Street, New York, NY
Spring Street, Soho, NYC

new york city dance show
New York City dance show
vegas, flamenco, swing, broadway, can-can, jazz, modern, cabaret, tap

New York Jewish dancers
New York Jewish dancers

Costumed characters for party entertainment in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

Ukrainian Cossack dancers New York USA
Ukrainian Cossack dancers from New York

NYC Wedding Band
The Universal Jam Orchestra
Universal Jam Orchestra
Bottle Dancers USA
Bottle Dancers USA, NYC
Hasidic Jewish dance show

is the best Russian dance and music ensemble outside of Russia (New York, USA). Russian, Gypsy, Cossack, Ukrasinian dances, songs and music with live accompaniment of balalaika, domra, garmoshka, Gypsy guitar, bayan and contrabass balalaika

Tsygane Russian Gypsy Roma
Tsygane - Gypsy Roma dance and music show

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